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Fun Jobs and Free Pizza at Handuraw

Fun Jobs and Free Pizza at Handuraw | FUN @ TYFINC With TYF getting more great clients, there is an urgent need to look for more people to fill the various job openings that come with each new campaign. And to address this “good” problem, TYF’s Recruitment and Talent Acquisition team headed to Handuraw Pizza Gorordo to host a Job Fair on March 6, 2015.

Handuraw, a popular hangout best known for their chill vibe and delicious pizza, was very kind to accommodate the team as they set up for the fair at the second level of the establishment.

To entice the crowd to apply or give referrals, they came up with an offer that is quite hard to resist: a slice of pizza for each applicant or for every 3 referrals. Plus, if you refer 5 people, you can get for yourself two slices instead of one!

Starting from 5:00 PM until 10:00 P.M., everyone got busy taking care of applicants and serving them their free meal, while the others chatted with the restaurant patrons about the promo. And as the atmosphere got more festive, more referral forms were being dropped in the drop box thanks to the customers who graciously listened to the TYF representative.

A million thanks to the management of Handuraw, their customers, and to the team! May more talented people apply so this call center in Cebu can reach its 10,000 goal.

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It’s Yellow Day Friday

It’s Yellow Day Friday! | FUN @ TYFINC Yellow was the color of the day as a lot of Taking You Forward people wore their favorite sunny apparel for February’s second Crazy Friday activity.

The theme was inspired by the 29th anniversary of the 1986 People Power Revolution, also known as EDSA Revolution and Yellow Revolution. This momentous event garnered international praise even up to this day for its use of nonviolent measures to end the Marcus regime and to make way for the restoration of democracy.

And here at TYF, the theme was successful in drawing unity and cooperation from everyone for the building was literally full of people – from both dayshift and nightshift accounts – in yellow shirts, pants, bags, shoes, caps, and other fashionable accessories.

Such a great sight to see most especially since it was timed during the monthly general assembly, a time when people convene to listen to company news and updates and to recognize those who did well during the previous month.

This very positive response is only one of the signs that this year would indeed be a great one. Hopefully, more and more people would participate in future Crazy Fridays and other company events to make each gathering more fun and memorable.

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Happy Hearts Day!

Happy Hearts Day! | FUN @ TYFINC Valentine’s Day, one of the most-anticipated event all over the world, once again came to Taking You Forward, giving the air a little more buzz than the usual in this Cebu call center. To celebrate the event, the Employee Engagement team prepared activities meant to make the atmosphere in the building fun and light for everyone whether your status is single, complicated or taken.

Click here to check out last year’s Valentine’s Day activity.

With a cascade of paper hearts decorating the lobby, TYF’s fine ladies and gentlemen who came dressed in either pink or red were treated to a game of darts, an activity that could signify Cupid’s arrow hitting your intended heart’s or a way of relieving stress if you don’t have a date for the big day.

Whatever it meant, many were eager to take a few minutes off their time and shoot some darts with their friends.

For those who love to pose for the camera, there was a photo booth where you can use props like heart balloons and fun signs with cute messages like ‘I’m yours’ and ‘I’m in love with you’ to make each picture cute and memorable.

Love notes and cute little gifts were also available for the romantic at heart.

The fun did not stop during the daytime since it was extended to make sure that those in the nightshift can enjoy the festivities as well.

For pictures of this lovely day, click here.

Pink Friday: TYF Celebrates Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Pink Friday | FUN @ TYFINC October is the month dedicated to increase the public’s awareness regarding breast cancer, a disease which according is the second most common cancer in women. It is an event that is highly recognized in different parts of the world, celebrated in various ways, and represented by one color: PINK.

And here at Taking You Forward, we offered our support to the cause by having our very own Pink Friday. For this day, men and women came to work dressed in something pink. We had people, most of which are from dayshift accounts, going around in pink shirts, pink hoodies, and even shoes with a hint of pink on it.

Awareness is essential, as it is through the early detection of this disease that a person’s life can be saved. Measures like the monthly breast exam allow women to check for the following signs:
  • a new lump or lumpiness, especially if it’s only in one breast
  • a change in the size or shape of your breast
  • a change to the nipple
  • a nipple discharge
  • a change in the skin of you

For more information, please click the link.

TYF urges everyone especially all the call centers in Cebu to be active in events such as the Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It is our corporate social responsibility to promote health not just within the four walls of the company but to the community as well.

A Client Welcome at Its Best

A Client Welcome at Its Best | Call Center Jobs in Cebu TYF gave a warm welcome to Elizabeth, a client of one of the campaigns in our company. An important activity in her one-week visit in TYF’s office in Cebu, Philippines was to hang out with the agents of the campaign.

On April 24, 2013, Elizabeth and the agents enjoyed a buffet dinner served in a large videoke room at Xing Café. It was an evening of eating, singing, and fun.

More importantly, the offsite activity enabled Elizabeth to share with the agents her endeavours for the campaign, thus further motivating the agents to keep up their good work in their call center jobs.

This campaign puts your technology at its best. Needless to say, they made sure to give Elizabeth a welcome at its best as well.

Hooray, Our Health Insurance Is Here!

Hooray, Our Health Insurance Is Here! | Call Center Company Philippines Material wealth is nothing if one doesn’t have the health to enjoy it. This statement holds most true to call center agents, who have high compensation rates but have higher health risks.

TYF, Inc. is one of the call centers in Cebu that give great importance to health; hence, the company is quite particular with the working environment and health benefits for the employees.

At last, TYF, Inc. has health insurance! The company hopes to prepare an adequate medical coverage for all the employees, who are the bloodline of the company. Our health insurance provider is Avega, an HMO (health maintenance organization) that has 16 years of expertise in managed care.

Regular employees of TYF, Inc. can now avail medical benefits from over 800 hospitals, clinics, and diagnostic centers. These benefits include APE (annual physical examination), medical treatment for inpatients and outpatients, and emergency care treatment/confinement. Moreover, Avega ensures us the latest modalities of treatment and special procedures, dental care services, and generous financial assistance (including death and disability).

In partnering with Avega, Taking You Forward, Inc. puts the welfare of the employees at the forefront of its concerns and contributes to making the entire call center industry in the Philippines healthier.

TYF, Inc. Gears Up for Fire Prevention Month

Call Center | BPO Philippines At the sound of the smoke alarms, the entire workforce of Taking You Forward, Inc. filed towards the fire exits, proceeded to an open araea a few meters outside our building, and did the required headcount for each department—all in a matter of two minutes.

We had 2 employees who got injured; one was in need of a neck brace and was carried in a stretcher, another was carried in the old-fashioned fireman’s lift.

Fortunately, we had a rescue team in place; without their safety vests / high-visibility clothing, a lot of us could have lost our way in the smoke-filled building.

What’s even more fortunate was that the entire thing was only a fire drill. Artificial smoke was emitted through a fog machine. Members of the rescue team were actually our managers and team leaders. The injured employees were our agents acting out the role.

Our facilities manager, Ms. Tina Mutia, headed the fire evacuation drill. TL David gave the demo on how to use a fire extinguisher and we were informed about the basic things to do in case of a fire.

Safety of the employees is atop the list of TYF, Inc.’s priorities, along with providing us challenging and fun-filled call center jobs and polishing our skills to carry out effective outbound and inbound call center services.

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Free Meals

call centers in Cebu Starting January 28, 2013, all regular employees are entitled to a free meal in our pantry, the caterer of which is Marc & Mattheau’s.

Every day, Marc & Mattheau’s prepares “meal sets” for us to choose from. We also have the option of forgoing the sets and order entirely something else, and get a Php 25 discount for the ordered meal. Also, we can add more viand or rice to the chosen set, and be charged with the added orders only.

Having one free meal a day or having more food for a smaller amount is only the start of the many perks of working here in TYF, Inc., which is one of the notable growing call centers in Cebu.

Sleeping/Resting Area

call center companyChanging shift schedules is a given in any call center company. Although the majority of our call center agents work the day shift, we still have a few who end their shift around midnight to dawn. Our graveyard-shift agents have been the primary consideration in having a resting/sleeping area.

2 bunk beds have been set up in an isolated area of our building, to serve as the sleeping/resting quarters. It’s for any of us who could use a power nap (during break time, that is) and it’s especially for the night-shift agents, who can sleep in the area if their shift ends at a time too risky to travel in going home.

Our sleeping area has truly served the purpose of giving us extra minutes—if not hours—of rest or sleep, giving us more energy to carry on with our activities.

Online Application System

outbound call center Convenient, paperless, and immediate are now the most apt descriptions of the application process here in TYF, Inc. Streamlining the entire process was made possible through the merged efforts of our IT and Recruitment departments.

From filling out the application form to taking an exam and being scheduled for an interview, all can be done online through the TYF, Inc. Recruitment System.

The 5-part application form is the very first stage of the application process. After filling out all 5 forms, a new page will confirm the success of the application and will provide the applicant a 10-digit access code. The access code will then be used to log in to our “exam site,” should the applicant reach the examination level of the application.

All the same, follow-up calls and e-mails will be made by our Recruitment personnel to confirm the application.

The TYF, Inc. Recruitment System likewise readily prepares the needed employment data should the applicant get hired. From the application stage to finally carrying out inbound and outbound call center services, TYF, Inc. has the technological resources to make each of its systems efficient.

Free Eye Checkup

call center company Studies show that the risk of eye damage or vision complications comes with call center jobs due to the everyday use of a computer. In fact, there have been a few of us who have expressed concerns of having blurry vision or eye-related problems.

With that, TYF, Inc. brought in an optometrist to give everyone a free eye checkup. On January 23, 2013, Dr. Charmie of Eye Browse Optical (with branches in SM Cebu and SM Consolacion) came over to our company to give us a free eye examination and brought with him his eye-exam device, a Snellen chart, and a selection of eyeglass frames.

Should any of us be prescribed with eyeglasses, a special payment scheme is made available, instead of having to pay the full amount upfront. Sure enough, many of us lined up for the free eye checkup.

TYF, Inc. ESAT Survey

call center in the Philippines In promoting equality among the entire workforce, we conducted the first ever Taking You Forward, Inc. (TYF, Inc.) Employment Satisfaction Survey (ESAT).

ESAT is a tool we use to solicit feedback from our employees. It will help us measure our employees’ attitude, opinion, motivation, and satisfaction.

This survey will assess how our employees think, feel, and behave on certain work-related functions. More importantly, we believe that the results will contribute to how TYF, Inc. will further its performance to reach the goal of becoming a leading call center in the Philippines.

Here at TYF, Inc., one way of valuing our human resource is to listen to what they have to say about our call center company—may it be a complaint, recommendation, or plain comment. For us, no suggestion or opinion is insignificant; rather, each is of high importance and worth the attention.

Full details here.


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