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The Elite Dinner Incentive – April ’13

The Elite Dinner Incentive – April ’13 | Call Center Jobs in Cebu

The sales agents and technical support representatives of a certain campaign in our BPO company made April an extra awesome month. They continue to enhance the image of Cebu as a call center hub with professionals that effortlessly reach or exceed their quotas and performance metrics.

The team manager of the campaign’s sales team shared, “It was a bigger and better April for the Sales Team! Sky is the limit. The team is improving day by day with a team total of 96.47% DO (diagnosis offer) rate and 14.26% net conversion rate.”

A difference of almost 4% in DO and 1.1% in conversion is truly amazing. A job well done for the agents and tech support team. Still, the team aspires to go beyond 14.50% conversion rate and 98% DO rate.

The technical support team has been superb with their CSAT (customer satisfaction), quality, compliance, and reliability rates as well. With their skills and expertise, the team continues to satisfy their customers and make TYF, Inc. a great inbound call center.

The following are the campaign’s top Agents for April 2013:

1. Steve Ponte – (1st place)

This guy has been so consistent, converting sales left and right almost every day. I think nobody can stop this guy for now even if he’s sick.

He’s been on the top for quite some time now and proved to the management that he has more to bring to the team. He deserves everything. I am speechless with this sales agent!

1. George Evan Arcelo – (1st Place)

He may still be on his nesting period but George has shown to have what it takes to exceed expectations.

2. Fretz Cañeda – (2nd place)

Fretz has been with the program for just two months and has shown tremendous performance for a short period of time. Though he is just a newbie, he has shown everyone the skills and attitude of becoming the next big star of our Sales Team.

This month, he ends up second place, which is fantastic. This guy has something to show; he’s worth the wait!

2. Azel Mabia – (2nd Place)

Azel has shown consistency in following the updated checklist as a Tier 1 Technical Support Representative.

3. Wendelou Alimpoos – (3rd place)

Wendelou is still new to this campaign and yet he’s already showing great talent and skills to be the next Sales superstar.

For the past three months, it’s been tough for him being one of the bottom performers, but Wendell bounced back and deserves all the success in the campaign. For sure, he will provide more and help the management exceed all clients’ expectations.

3. Claudae Mendoza – (3rd Place)

Claudae has worked as a Scanner and has been very efficient in getting scans done right away. She has shown dedication in ensuring all sessions transferred over to her are closed on the same day.

As a reward for their hard work and dedication to keep the campaign the expert help for PCs and gadgets, the exemplary agents were treated to a signature dining experience.

The Team Managers, Jardine Michael Tan and Jose Marco Mari Nepomuceno, along with TYF, Inc.’s Senior Operations Manager, Patrick Revilla, brought the winners of the Elite Dinner Incentive to David’s Steaks, which has, hands down, the best steaks in town.

Hats off to Steve, Fretz, and Wendelou of Sales; and George, Azel, and Claudae of Tech Support! They gave their best, and they deserve only the best.

The TYF Leadership Academy

TYF, Inc. Leadership Academy | Cebu Call Center Company

TYF is molding a new breed of leaders in Cebu. These leaders will be taking their careers, and our call center company, to the next level.

It is through TYF’s newly formed department—Organizational Development—that these leaders were identified. Our OD manager, Josh Caare, has implemented a leader internship program, which is known as the TYF Leadership Academy.

The program is designed to create an academy of trained, developed, managed, strong-willed, confident, and skilled leaders to generate and sustain positive change in the company.

The TYF Leadership Academy is a training program for team lead interns (TLis), who were selected from our pool of top agents. The first batch of TYF’s new breed of leaders was identified after a series of interviews and a thorough screening process.

New Breed of Leaders | Call Center Philipines

The TYF Leadership Program prepares the TLis to handle different programs/campaigns through a rotational campaign assignment. Also, they will be experiencing the challenges of hitting targets (as an agent), raising awareness of operational issues and learning different leadership practices (as a team lead intern), and acting the roles of a team leader.

Upon completing the internship, they will be better informed about how to lead a team and be more aware of how they can influence others. More importantly, they will be more adept at taking call center Philippines to the next level.

The Elite Dinner Incentive – March ’13

The Elite Dinner Incentive – March ’13 | Day-shift Call Center

The Elite Dinner Incentive continues to drive our agents to perform better each month. This certain campaign has a new bunch of winners for March 2013, save for one, who previously held the third spot and is now the first-place winner.

The Sales Team marched its way to success! A month of flying colors for the campaign’s nightshift and dayshift call center agents! The team reached a conversion rate of 13.10% and a DO (diagnosis offer) rate of 92.55%. The Team Leads did extensive coaching and team management.

TM (team manager) Mike made sure that everyone was doing their job. Everybody was on their top performance. All the same, the team hopes to hit higher percentages next month.

The Technical Support Team, on the other hand, did extremely well for March too. Despite having more stats to hit, the team managed to have their numbers on a steady rise.

Here are the winners of the Elite Dinner Incentive for March 2013:

1. Patrick Cambongga – (1st place)

Great! It’s his name again on the Top Performers List. Can anybody beat his stats? Way to go, Pat!

You really can’t expect that this marvelous person is still new to the campaign. Isn’t that amazing? Some people are just born with the skills and have the determination to enhance what they have.

He is a perfect definition of fun and excellence. How we wish that everybody can perform like Patrick.

1. Erlanger Cudico – (1st Place)

This agent has been visible as the go-to guy for Tech. He has also been very open to assist his customers and ensure resolution and customer education.

2. Dessane Oyangoren – (2nd place)

Dess has been with the campaign’s Sales Team for just a few months but was very fantastic and very consistent. She was down last month due to some family issues but promised to bounce back this month, and bounce back she did.

Even if she was scheduled for the most difficult and struggling shift, she was still able to manage and really exceed my expectations. It is an honor to work with her!

2. Farhan Hunti – (2nd Place)

This agent has shown consistency in following the updated checklist as a Tier 1 Technical Support Representative. He is able to manage his calls well and acts as a scheduler/scanner during call spikes.

3. Grace Bajan – (3rd place)

She is one of the most talented agents in the campaign, so far. Grace is a late bloomer but she is a very intelligent woman.

Since this is her first call center experience, her being receptive helps her a lot, and for sure, it will make her a better agent in the future. Just like now, she is one of the best, and for sure, she can carry this until the end.

3. Lee Calderon – (3rd Place)

This agent has worked as a Scanner and has been very efficient in getting scans done right, and right away.

He has shown dedication in ensuring all sessions transferred over to him are closed out on the same day. He would, at most part, extend his shift just to ensure that all the tickets handled are resolved and closed.

He also has a good working attitude. He has the initiative to switch to a scheduler during call spikes.

The 6 winners were treated to dinner at El Viento, a restaurant known to serve the best buffet dinner in Cebu City. The restaurant is right inside the five-star hotel Marco Polo Plaza.

They then proceeded to grab a drink at the Blu Bar & Grill, a bar located at the Penthouse of the same hotel. On top of enjoying their drinks, the winners received their certificates and cash prizes (Php 500 each).

Alexis Dabon (director of operations), Jardine Michael Tan (campaign’s sales team manager), and Patrick Revilla (senior operations manager) joined the night of rewarding and celebrating the top performers of the campaign.

The Elite Dinner Incentive has been one of the many reasons that Taking You Forward, Inc. has made itself a specific destination for fun and rewarding call center jobs in Cebu.

The Elite Dinner Incentive – Feb ’13

cebu call center jobs | The Elite Dinner Incentive

An incentive scheme like the Elite Dinner Incentive is one of the many ways that Taking You Forward, Inc. factors in fun and challenges to how the company carries the label of “call center Philippines.”

The Elite Dinner Incentive, which was devised by one of TYF, Inc.’s campaigns, has indeed achieved the aims of (1) recognizing and rewarding the campaign’s top performers every month, (2) motivating their agents into performing and achieving desired goals and objectives, and (3) keeping the team excited and competitive.

The incentive scheme has proven to be effective, especially that this month’s winners compose a whole new set of top performers. This goes to show that everyone in the team has truly been aiming to become the new top performers.

Here are the winners of the Elite Dinner Incentive for February 2013:

1. Shyane Malinao – 1st Place

This woman is a MONSTER! Monster for sales. She never leaves the office without roaring a number of sold Live Support products.

The moment she came back after giving birth to a healthy baby boy, she flew up the charts like a skyrocket. She immediately became the top seller on her first week.

Not only is Shayne excellent at selling, we can always rely on her to be present every day – ready to bring in more revenue for the program. Shayne is simply amazing!

1. Arjie Espina – 1st Place

Arjie is calm in handing his calls and positions himself well with his customers; thus, he is able to connect with them and the customers feel satisfied and understand him well.

2. Jonathan Cañete – 2nd Place

This guy right here is a ROCKSTAR! When he comes in, he is usually silent and focuses only on his customer. A couple of hours after, his TL shouts out to everyone, “Two sales from Jonathan!”

Jonathan is not only good in selling – he is a party animal! He balances his work and personal life very well. Not to mention, he is also studying while bringing in more revenue for the program. He is simply “fantabulous”!

2. Dennis Tano – 2nd Place

Dennis has shown consistency in following the updated checklist as a Tier 1 Technical Support Representative. He is able to manage his calls well and acts as a scheduler/scanner during call spikes.

3. Patrick Cambongga – 3rd Place

A person full of color, full of joy, and full of life. That’s how we describe Patrick!

Making Ascentive richer must be his goal. No doubt, he is really promising. He sells like an expert, considering that it’s his first time to handle sales. He must be born with that talent. Let’s make use of it and enhance it.

We have no problem with Pat, not a single headache! We need not to push him to make a sale. We are just amazed that by the end of the day, he is always one of the top performers. He never failed us for this month. We trust him that he will keep the fire burning. In addition, his superiors are always ready to support and reward him.

3. Claude Mendoza – 3rd Place

Claude has worked as a scheduler and has been very consistent in sending out report follow-ups for pending tickets. She ensures that pending tickets are prioritized by consistently escalating them. She also has a good working attitude, is seldom late, and has no absences.

TYF, Inc.’s being an amazing call center company does not stop in having Shyane, Jonathan, Patrick, Arjie, Dennis, and Claude in our workforce. TYF, Inc. also has Marco, Venus, and Marc!

Marco, Venus, and Marc are TLs (team leaders). They have displayed incredible multi-tasking abilities, jumping on a call whenever the campaign has calls in queue while being their own supervisors at the same time. Thus, it’s only apt that they be given special recognition for a job well done for the tech management.

The winners and special awardees were treated to a memorable dining experience in Uno, a restaurant in the four-star hotel Waterfront Cebu City Hotel & Casino. To top it all off, the winners of the Elite Dinner Incentive were given Php 500 each.

A company that is exceptionally fun and challenging among the other call centers in Cebu, Taking You Forward, Inc. gives only the best treats for the Sales and Technical Support agents who are likewise performing at their best.

The Elite Dinner Incentive – Jan ’13

call center jobs
How rewarding can call center jobs get? At Taking You Forward, Inc., performing exceptionally well can grant you a sumptuous meal in one of the most sophisticated restaurants in Cebu and provide you the means to shop for the things you’ve been meaning to have.

One of the campaigns of TYF, Inc. has devised a way to motivate its agents to achieve the campaign’s goals and objectives. This campaign is the Sales and Technical Support arm of a company that provides software and services solutions for PCs, phones, tablets, and the like. The agents of the campaign basically handle outbound and inbound call center services .

With that scope of responsibility, it’s only appropriate that these agents are recognized and rewarded for being efficient and exceptional in doing their jobs. The director of operations (DOO), Mr. Alexis Dabon, and one of our operations managers, Mr. Patrick Revilla, thought that the best way to go about this is through the Elite Dinner Incentive.

The incentive scheme was designed to keep the entire campaign excited and competitive, thereby keeping things challenging—if not thrilling—the whole while. The Elite Dinner Incentive will identify three winners from the Sales Team and three from the Technical Support Team after every month.

Qualifying for that dinner treat and “shopping ticket” means hitting the following metrics:
  1. For the Sales Agents, at least 11% of Net Conversion Rate and 90% of Net Diagnosis Offer Rate
  2. For the Tech Support Agents, a Reliability Score of at least 95% and having the highest scores in Compliance, FCR (first call resolution), and CSAT (customer satisfaction)

Technicalities of score computations aside, the following were the winners of the Elite Dinner Incentive for January 2013:

1. Jeff Gingco – 1st Place

Jeff works his ass off to bring in those precious sales. He is one of those rare breed that takes to heart the need to bring in sales; else, his day will not be complete. His lives by the adage “Play hard, work harder.”

1. Mardilyn Arbolado – 1st Place

She’s a new agent (2 months old) and a call center newbie. Her performance has greatly improved. According to her, the buddy system we had on January worked for her.

She is very willing to learn, is teachable and a fast learner. Therefore, she was able to adjust and did well. She has a good working attitude and no attendance issues (no lates, no over-breaks, no absences)

2. Steve Ponte – 2nd Place

He believes that work need not be dull. He livens up the floor when he arrives and brings this energy to his calls. He is a fine example of not judging a book by its cover. He has this no-nonsense attitude to get those sales in.

His Zen philosophy of having fun while working actually goes beyond just getting in sales. It translates to his customers, where even one commented that she would like to give Steve a hug for the best customer experience she has ever had.

2. Marguel Lariosa – 2nd Place

He’s one of the Tier 2 reps. A consistent performer ever since he was endorsed to the Production Floor. He has no attendance issues. He is tech savvy and has a good working attitude. He takes the initiative to learn new work around and shares it to the whole team.

3. Kenneth Geronimo – 3rd Place

He is a refreshing break from our other two top performers as he brings in sales with that rare earnestness and strong conviction that the customer really needs our live support. His consistency in bringing in sales day after day is as constant as the beating of our hearts. I am proud to have met him and known him.

3. Alcy Cahanap – 3rd Place

She’s a new agent (2 months old). She has good communication and soft skills. She has a good working attitude. She’s been in the call center industry for quite a while. She can work with less supervision and she also acts as scheduler when needed.

Kudos to Jeff, Steve, and Kenneth of Sales; Mardilyn, Marguel, and Alcy of Technical Support! The entire TYF, Inc. family is very proud of the top performers of our call center company. For working hard, for getting things done, and for having outstanding results, these top agents were treated to a plush dinner at the Maya Mexican Restaurant and were given Sodexho gift certificates worth Php 500.

In housing a campaign that brings technology at its best, Taking You Forward, Inc. is a call center Philippines can attest to having agents that perform at their best as well.


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