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TYF, Inc. goes to Consolacion Local Job Fair

Once again, Taking You Forward, Inc. partners with the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) and Public Employment Service Office (PESO) to look for new talents to join the TYFINC family.

Last February 8, 2014, Saturday, DOLE and PESO invited us to their Local and Overseas Job Fair at Consolacion National High School.

The whole day event got crowded with job seekers aging from 18 to 50 years old. The job fair, estimated to have gathered 600 applicants from Consolacion, Liloan, LapuLapu City and Mandaue City, was easily handled and managed by the organizers.

We were able to introduce and market our brand and fun culture to the crowd and in return, received interest from the applicants and gathered a couple of good candidates.

Our Recruitment Team

The organizers and participating companies of the Local and Overseas Job Fair

Applicants lining up in our booth.

We conducted a one day processing of applicants.

The event was smooth sailing and was a success. The job fair was supported by the Municipal Mayor of Consolacion, DOLE 7, Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) and ABS-CBN/DYAB 1512.

TYF, Inc. Joins the SM Supermalls Nationwide Job Fair

Call Center Jobs in Cebu, Philippines | SM Consolacion Job Fair

Taking You Forward, Inc. celebrates Labor Day 2013 by providing employment opportunities for everyone. On May 1, 2013, TYF, Inc. was at SM Consolacion, participating in the SM Supermalls Nationwide Job Fair.

Lynnette and Leny—our Recruitment Supervisor and Recruitment Sourcing Specialist, respectively—were TYF, Inc.’s front-liners at the Job Fair. They processed 46 applicants, a few of which are now officially part of the TYF, Inc. workforce.

Cebu Call Philippines | SM Consolacion Job Fair In being part of a nationwide job fair, TYF, Inc. seeks to contribute more in providing employment for more Filipinos and to be a step closer to reaching the goal of being a Philippine call center company that is 10,000 strong.

If you’re hoping to fulfill your career path or you’re simply looking for fun-filled call center jobs in Cebu, then Taking You Forward, Inc. can give the jump-start you need for your professional goals.

If you missed us at the Job Fair, you can still apply at TYF, Inc. at a click of a button. View our job vacancies and fill out our online application form now.

TYF, Inc. Brings Fun-Filled Careers to CTU

Cebu Call Center Jobs | TYF, Inc. Brings Fun-Filled Careers to CTU

The fresh graduates of Cebu Technological University need not look further to find fun-filled Cebu call center jobs since Taking You Forward, Inc. was right on their university grounds for an in-campus job fair on April 5, 2013.

This was the 7th in-campus job fair of CTU. Although it was TYF, Inc.’s first time to participate in the job fair, the company stood out all the same from all the other call centers in Cebu who likewise joined and from the rest of the 70 companies that were there.

Aside from having very welcoming facilitators—Mayse, Mike, Lynn, Angel, and Ingred (from our Recruitment, Training, and Retention departments), what made TYF, Inc. quite prominent in the job fair was having a photo booth.

Cebu Call Centers | TYF, Inc. Brings Fun-Filled Careers to CTUThe photo booth was a main attraction of the job fair. Both applicants and CTU faculty lined up for the booth. It provided the students a glimpse of the fun to be had in being part of Taking You Forward, Inc.

TYF, Inc. successfully acquired several CTU applicants and is bound to bring fun-filled careers to more universities and job fairs. Taking You Forward, Inc. is indeed a call center in the Philippines that consistently and uniquely puts in the factor of fun in all our activities.

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Taking You Forward, Inc. Joins USC-TC Days 2012

Call Center Philippines | Taking You Forward, Inc. Joins USC-TC Days 2012

One of the prominent annual university events in Cebu is the USC-TC Days. It is a week-long series of collegiate activities to be held in the University of San Carlos – Technological Center. A brief furlough from strictly-academic day-to-day dealings, the USC-TC Days allows the students to enjoy extra-curricular activities (e.g., Sports Carnival, talent and fashion shows).

The organizers of the USC-TC Days 2012 contacted Taking You Forward, Inc. as they wanted to partner with a business process outsourcing company. Seeing it as a venue to find talents for the company, Taking You Forward, Inc. participated in the event.

The company’s recruitment team, or the TYF, Inc. Manpower Support Group, was at the USC-TC campus from September 26–28 and held a job fair for the students. A booth was set up for TYF, Inc., serving as an area to accommodate interviews and test administration. To draw the students to our booth, flyers and freebies (e.g., TYF, Inc. key chains and pens) were handed out. Our company’s recruitment sourcing associate, together with a few volunteers from BDG (business development group), facilitated the recruitment activity.

Cebu Call Centers | business process outsourcing companyTapping the university for potential employees was indeed a good move, well worth the recruitment efforts and held promising returns. Several students showed interest in working for a business process outsourcing company in the future. We received 109 applications (i.e., 40 direct registrations and 69 from the graduation list).

The TYF, Inc. Manpower Support Group readily saw the advantage of conducting a job fair in a university that’s not only quite known but located nearby our office as well. The future graduates of USC-TC, especially those who will finally earn their degrees on October, will surely be additional assets to the yuppies of our business process outsourcing company.

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Working in a Call Center or Outsourcing Company in the Philippines

Working in a Call Center or Outsourcing Company in the Philippines

Eight out of ten people can give a definite answer as to what it’s like to work for a call center or a BPO company in the Philippines. The answers usually stem from having had an actual experience—say, being a current employee or having joined the training period for an applied position. Some answers come from a personal account of a sibling, relative, friend, or friend of a friend.

No matter the answers, however, all these are a natural part of the quality of call center outsourcing that Philippines delivers to foreign businesses and Western companies. Several global names in the business world are now outsourcing their outbound and inbound call center functions to the Philippines.

Zooming in to the perspective of the employees of call centers or BPO (business process outsourcing) companies in the country, the price to pay for upholding the Philippine quality of outsourcing services has come in the form of various factors.

The following naturally come with working for a call center or BPO company in the Philippines:

Call Centers in Cebu | Changing work schedules1. Changing work schedules. Especially the employees handling customer service, technical support, inbound sales, outbound sales, market research, virtual assistance, and the like, changing work schedules is inevitable.

You’re scheduled to work 9:00 am to 6:00 pm this week, then 3:00 pm to 12:00 midnight the next. Also, you can be required to work from Monday to Friday for this month, then Friday to Tuesday the next. The cherry on top will have to be: working on Philippine holidays. (August can be especially packed with long weekends for those companies to which Philippine holidays apply.)

The changes in work days, rest days, and shifts are due to how one’s schedule is dependent on the availability of the customer or client. This may lead you to move the dates of long-planned family vacations or barkada outings, but this is where your flexibility is put to the test. Also, working on holidays entitles you to a premium pay or receive twice your daily rate. Now that’s the real cherry on top!

Call Center Jobs | Graveyard shifts 2. Graveyard shifts. Night becomes the new day. You work at night and to the wee hours of dawn then sleep with the sun at its brightest (and hottest). (A specific example is working at 7:00 pm till 4:00 am.)

“But it’s actually quite manageable,” pointed out a friend of mine who is a PPC (pay per click) specialist working the night shift. My friend added, “With a shift that ends at dawn, you have the rising sun, a silent city, a cool mist, and plants filled with their morning dew to meet you. In a way, it’s relaxing.”

Here at Taking You Forward, Inc., the majority of the employees are dayshift call center agents. There’s not as many employees with graveyard shifts as those working day shifts. The upside of being a graveyard-shift agent is having a relatively quieter working environment, having a more conducive atmosphere to think, work, and let ideas freely flow into the mind.

Inbound Call Center Philippines3. Irate callers. The agents of a call center Philippines houses usually takes or makes calls from/to Western or Caucasian customers. The callers or callees are customers with concerns or complaints, which eventually, at times, cause them to blow a gasket.

Foreigners are apparently different from Pinoys (Filipinos) in expressing a complaint. The latter tend to be afraid of causing a hassle on the part of the agent. The foreigners, on the other hand, can go all out with their complaints.

Looking on the bright side, getting through a call with an irate customer gives a sense of fulfillment, like you just walked out of a battle—scarred or unscarred, you made it out.  

Dayshift Call Center Philippines4. Temptations, temptations everywhere. Stress can naturally come with any type of work, but it is how you manage stress that makes a difference.

Going for a drink or frequenting smoke breaks would come as “stress busters” or “routine breakers” to the daily task of taking and making calls.

A smoke, a drink, or some other radical alteration in your lifestyle then becomes seemingly logical options to deal with the stress that has been deemed natural when working in a call center.

BPO Company | Fast-paced working environment5. Fast-paced working environment. Real-time services call for real-time outputs. The callers have to be taken care of then and there.

With that, your boss tends to breathe down your neck, which is actually also a consequence of fearing a reprimand from the higher-ups.It can be a dog-eat-dog world in a call center; hence, getting the hang of things, pacing yourself, and living up to what the company demands are best achieved sooner than later.

That is all part of the challenge, however, in being a professional. These are things that would mold you to become competent and have the right skill sets.

The industry of call center outsourcing Philippines has strengthened over the years comes with challenges for the companies, shareholders, business partners, and the employees most especially.

The aforementioned factors come with their pros and cons, but as what we may have come to realize, making it out of something despite its many cons is an achievement—a positive thing, a pro itself—and it does turn ourselves into a pro, doesn’t it?


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