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November GA ‘14: Our Future is Far Brighter than Our Past

TYF November GA 2014

With Christmas coming and the last quarter about to close, we can’t help but feel emotional most especially overwhelmed, as we look back at the months that have passed. This feeling is palpable during the latest General Assembly, wherein the theme was about giving thanks to the Lord for the experiences that have humbled us, made us stronger, and made us forever thankful for the blessings that the present and the future has in store for everyone in Taking You Forward.

Probably the most moving of all the GAs, everything started on a very high note as our hosts, Michael and Oliver, welcomed everyone to the gathering. With a very rousing introduction, they then handed the floor to our CEO and Founder, Brad Norman, who had good news to share to everyone.

Employee Retention Program | FUN@TYF 2014

First on his list is the announcement of various employee movements and promotions. He described last month as, “all good, all exciting, and we’re moving the right direction.” Recognition was also given to the month’s top performing agents.

Brad also gave an update on the Employee Retention Program, which was launched months ago. According to him, 28 employees have already benefited from this program and have experienced a 3% to 8% increase of their basic pay based on their performance. And using his words, he encouraged everyone to “put in the most effort in the last quarter” and “not to slack off.”

TYF November GA 2014 | CEO Brad

With TYF experiencing a lot of highs this year and with our future, as our CEO would put it, “far brighter than our past,” the mood changed from ecstatic to solemn. Brad, who was already close to tears, humbly thanked the Lord Jesus for the glorious ruins that is Taking You Forward. For him:

“You can ruin something, but you can restore it and make it come alive…”

And came out alive it did. As of writing, this call center in Cebu is on a steady rise, with new clients coming in every month, creating more jobs in Cebu and growth opportunities internally.

To lighten up the mood, Steph and Lynnette, TYF’s Branding Manager and Recruitment Supervisor respectively, stepped in with their own set of announcements.

First, Lynnette or Lynns informed the crowd of the different available positions, the top three of which are Inbound Sales Executives, Travel Sales Executives, and Technical Support Representatives. So if you guys have a friend or a family member looking for a job, invite them over or refer them to us!

Speaking of referrals, Steph stepped in to explain the Employee Referral Program that has been launched a few weeks ago. For every successful referral, you earn for yourself a whopping 4,000 Pesos (1,500 on referral’s first month, 1000 on 3rd month, and 1,500 upon regularization. Interested? Click on the button below:

Remember, guys. The more you refer, the richer you will be. Just keep in mind what our CEO said, “10 friends equals to 40,000 Pesos.” Aside from the ERP, everyone was also reminded that the TYF shuttle service is now for free so you guys can have a safe and very economical ride.

With everyone elated and feeling more hopeful, the assembly was concluded in the trendiest fashion by way of a groufie. And as we huddled together and flashed our best smile and pose, each one of us now has a strengthened belief that things are indeed getting better for this close-knit BPO company.

Who Let the Spook Out?! The Halloween Bay Decorating Contest 2014

Who Let the Spook Out | FUN@TYFINC 2014

Halloween 2014 is finally here! And what’s the best way to celebrate it if you are working in a Cebu call center? Decorating your stations or bays as we call it here at Taking You Forward, of course! For this year, we had another fun bout of decorating frenzy, which became more intense as prizes were also at stake (Php 3000 for the first prize, Php 1,500 for the second prize, and Php 1000 for the third).

The event which officially kicked off last October 22, 2014 and culminated on Halloween day itself, was met by many spook enthusiasts who poured a lot of hours beautifying—or rather “spookyfying”—their area with blood, spider webs, nightmare-inducing characters, and even body parts (not the real ones, mind you).

And after careful deliberation by our four judges, the three lucky winners were chosen and were announced during the November General Assembly. They are:

  • The Techie Grim Reaper

    The Techie Grim Reaper | MIS-IT 2014
    The MIS-IT Team took advantage of their area by creating a life-size Grim Reaper (the popular personification of Death) who seems to be floating on air and for days was eerily looking down at everyone in the TV area, the lobby, and especially those passing by to get to the pantry.

    Surrounding Mr. Reaper is his cloud of bats and his generous supply of spider webs. You gotta love the team’s creativity as they kept the room dark, dished out haunting music, and dressed themselves in black for the occasion. And for that, you guys definitely deserve the top spot! We are excited with what you’ll come up with next year.

  • The Cinema of Doom

    The Cinema of Doom | TYF QA 2014
    Second place went to the girls and of boys of QA with their interpretation of what appears to be a movie theater in which we doubt the viewers would go out alive or sane from. These guys put their creative juices to good use, as they combined bright colors with horrific elements and came up with something that is both endearing and utterly terrifying.

    Their set-up is complete with a creepy skeletal brunette manning the ticket booth with her one eye and bright red nails. It seems supernaturals also love their mani pedi. The next section is the theater, where the evil clown is waiting to get his claws on unsuspecting movie goers and drag them inside the screen

  • The Agent Cemetery

    TThe Agent Cemetery | TYF Ops 2014
    The last team to make the cut is one of the teams from operations. On their part, they let the spook out by building a cemetery inside the premises. Sounds so cool, right? Their improvised graveyard is riddled with numerous bloody tombstones, each one with someone’s name on it. If you look up, you will find yourself surrounded by a lot of bats and spiders.

    If you’re working the nightshift, this sight would definitely keep you from sleeping!

Things really got spooky around here at TYF even for everyone working in a dayshift account and it’s all thanks to those who participated in this contest and the Got Spooked event. Hopefully, next year we would have another wave of scary fun. Once again, thank you everyone for the letting the spook out!

Please enjoy this funny video of our TYF Management dancing in wacky costumes to the beat of catchy tunes:

Who Let the Spook Out | FUN@Tyfinc 2014

Got Spooked at Taking You Forward

Got Spooked at Taking You Forward | FUN @ TYFINC

The Ring, Shutter, Evil Dead. Who does not love horror movies? Whether it’s gory, mind-boggling, or sleep-depriving, a good number of us love to watch a scary flick every now and then. It’s for this very reason that Got Spooked was launched. It’s a nod to the scariest films of all time and the people in this call center in Cebu who dare watch them.

As part of our yearly Halloween event, everyone here at Taking You Forward was encouraged to share the movie that they think is the spookiest, scariest, and the most disturbing via the company’s Facebook Fan Page. After two weeks, seven people came forward with their flicks of ghouls and blood, which were compiled and used for the movie marathon held last October 31.

Below are clips of the movies that our SMEs or Scary Movie Enthusiasts shared:

    1. The Ring by Fred Gratz
  • Got Spooked at Taking You Forward | The Ring by Fred Gratz

    Easily the favorite by a lot of people, The Ring is the western or American version of the Japanese horror hit: Ring or Ringu. The story revolves around a cursed tape, which promises death seven days after watching the video in the hands of Samara. The ghost coming out of the well and crawling out from the TV has become its signature, as everyone would always refer to this when this movie is mentioned.

    2. Ju-on by Dane Seno
  • Got Spooked at Taking You Forward | Ju-on by Dane Seno

    Ju-on is another go-to movie if you are looking for something terrifyingly good. Also an original Japanese movie, this has spawned the creation of an American version. The entire franchise revolves around the house, which was cursed after the gruesome murders that took place in it. The characters of Kayako and Toshio are deeply engraved in pop culture history.

    3. Drag Me to Hell by Shaniya Mandangan
  • Got Spooked at Taking You Forward | Drag Me to Hell by Shaniya Mandangan

    This movie starts out as a mundane scene with the heroine struggling to get that coveted promotion. Moments later, her life was about to take a far more vicious turn as she caught the ire of a witch, whose loan application she turned down. If you easily gross out, watching this can be a challenge as its got scenes that can make you cringe.

    4. Art of the Devil 2 by Herbert Kikoy
  • Got Spooked at Taking You Forward | Art of the Devil 2 by Herbert Kikoy

    The Thais seem to be a master of disturbing the human imagination as their cinematographers and writers never fail to present us with films can make even the manliest of men scream. Art of the Devil’s plot is layered by revenge and black magic, peppered by both inter and intrapersonal conflict that will leave you guessing till the very end.

    5. Evil Dead by Ramy Degulacion
  • Got Spooked at Taking You Forward | Evil Dead by Ramy Degulacion

    The biggest scare element of this movie is probably all the blood and gore that is in it, which is becoming more of a trend in many American scary films. It talks about five friends spending their vacation in a solitary cabin. Their staycation was not that fun as people kept getting possessed and someone either ends up slashed or buried. Not a good teambuilding activity for anyone with Cebu jobs.

    6. Phobia 2 by Jacqueling Jaque
  • Got Spooked at Taking You Forward | Phobia 2 by Jacqueling Jaque

    Another Thai masterpiece, Phobia 2 or Ha Phraeng, is made up of five unrelated stories of ghosts, karma, and the human character. Although the first four tales are horrific, the last one provided the much needed comic relief without robbing the viewers of the scary experience.

With the screams that these films brought from those who watched the movie marathon, it’s safe to say that our resident SMEs know their stuff. Until next Halloween gang!

Pink Friday: TYF Celebrates Breast Cancer Awareness Month

CEO Welcome Back Party

CEO Welcome Back Party | Call Center Philippines | TYF, Inc.
In the presence of burgers and beer, there’s no way last Saturday’s soiree can go wrong. In fact, even the weather was in favor of celebrating the Founder’s return to his rightful place as not a drop fell from the sky. With our very own CEO, Brad Paul Norman, working as both DJ and cook, everyone loosened up, forgot the troubles of the week, and gave in to the fun atmosphere generated by good food and alcohol, great company, hilarious activities, and swanky prizes.
The usual lunch area, which in TYF lingo we call the White House, was transformed into a rustic barbecue place—the stuff you see in many western movies. It was complete with torches, warm yellow lights, and a tent (which was lovingly sewn by the dashing men from the Business Development team) that covered the entire basketball place.
With the sun setting, guests started to arrive. Some came by themselves or in pairs, while others arrived with their teammates. With the pretty ladies from Recruitment acting as facilitators, they found a cozy spot, and started to build up an appetite as they can smell and see the patties grilling away in the background.
While everyone was enjoying their meal, the emcees, Yman and Geoffrey, started to talk about their experience within TYF’s walls. They were joined by other employees, especially the ones who’ve been with us for so long that their ID numbers are still in double digits. One of them, the Marketing Manager, described the CEO as, “A special boss who is also like a father to me.” A heartwarming video message followed afterwards, showcasing more people who want to express their gratitude and appreciation to the man behind this great Cebu call center.
Special recognition was also given to men and women who delivered valuable service for Taking You Forward. This consists of people who participated in the recently concluded 2014 CSR event and the top performers from each campaign. Kudos guys! Different kinds of entertainment were provided to keep the mood upbeat. Games like Blow Job (a game which requires you to use your mouth to get the calamansi hidden inside a basin full of flour), beer drinking contest, and paper dance were just a few of these activities. One of the night’s highlights, the TYF Idol, showcased agents-turned-singers who battled it out for the chance to win a brand new tablet.
This contest of talent and was owned by Desiree Manguilimotan who sang and danced to the beat of Whitney Houston’s I Want to Dance With Somebody. And did we mention that she also won another tab in the raffle drawing? What are the odds? Her stars must be aligned that night!

And while all these were happening, one can’t help notice a cameraman going all over the place. The event was actually covered by Sky Cable and will be shown in one of their segments. They went around capturing moments and talking to random guests. If you were captured by the camera, there is a good chance you’ll be in television soon! Everyone will be kept posted about this.

Unfortunately, like all good things, the happy hour has to end. And the merry gathering was concluded in a very high note with a raffle drawing. Cool prizes like gift certificates, speakers, smartphones, and tablets were up for grabs. Game winners were awarded. Special prizes were also given away to the Best in Attire, an award given to the most dashing person in western garb. This went to Emman Arca (female category) and Michael Vallescas (male category).

We will not end this article without mentioning Michelle Ferolin, the one responsible for making all this happen, and her team of volunteers who helped in the food and beverages, set up, games, awards, etc. Everyone’s effort definitely paid off as the party was such a success. Thank you guys! It’s because of people like you that make Taking You Forward one of the best BPO companies to work in.

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