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Graduation Day Friday

Graduation Day Friday | FUN@TYFINC 2015

With March being the “graduation month,” it’s not surprising that the first Crazy Friday is all about graduations. For this day, every person in TYF was asked to come to work dressed in their school uniform or anything that looks like it. It’s a very exciting theme for it is also one way of bringing back those fun college and high school years.

For a day, Taking You Forward, a Cebu Call Center, was transformed into a university with people walking the premises in checkered skirts, knee socks, neck ties, white polo, or black slacks.

Just like the Heart’s Day Friday event, there was also a photo booth for the picture loving crowd. This time’s props include a black toga, a graduation cap, different kinds of award, and a very cool background. Many had their pictures taken in pairs or in groups while there are those who tried to reenact a certain scene from their very own commencement exercise.

Graduation Day Friday | FUN@TYFINC 2015 Graduation Day Friday | FUN@TYFINC 2015
Making things more exciting were the different games made available to anyone who drops by at the lobby. The most popular game was the Q&A where the participant would pick a category (History, Science, English, etc.) and the corresponding question. Some were a bit scared claiming that it’s been a long time since they graduated or encountered these subjects.
Fortunately, the questions were easy and did not require anyone to memorize formulas, periodic elements or passages from the El Filibusterismo or Noli Me Tangere. Other fun activities include the Math Flash Cards and the Name-the-President game. Prizes for these games are funky looking pens, pencils with animal-themed erasers, and yummy cupcakes!
Four ladies were chosen as Best Dressed awardees. One wore her old San Carlos University uniform which still fits her effortlessly (good for you!) and the other lady went to work in her white scrub suit. The remaining two winners dressed as a sexy anime student complete with a green blazer, mini skirt, and pair of black boots, while her partner also wore a USC uniform but with a twist.
Cash prize, cupcakes, and other freebies were given to each of the winners as a way of appreciating all the effort they put into dressing up for the themed event. Everyone who participated was also given a cupcake because the day would not be successful without them as well.

It’s always fun to shake things a bit for it makes Cebu jobs less boring and more interesting; and activities like Crazy Fridays were meant to do just that. We are thankful for the effort of Miss Mary Erah Jayme and her team for religiously organizing events such as these. Lastly, a huge thanks to the TYF crowd for being such a team player!

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February GA 2015: Believe that TYF will be GREAT!

February GA 2015: Believe that TYF will be GREAT!

Time flies by so fast, and before anyone knew it, February has already ended! The love month, of course, did not end without a General Assembly, which is Taking You Forward’s monthly mini get-together. And do you know what made this day extra special? It was also a Crazy Friday, and this time everyone was asked to wear something yellow to commemorate the 29th anniversary of the People Power Revolution.

February GA 2015: Believe that TYF will be GREAT! With all shades of this pleasant hue gathered in the lobby, everyone was greeted by the gregarious Bee and Yam, who were in charge of hosting duties. Their comical antics kept everyone entertained from start to finish.

In a sea of yellow, there was one man who stood out with his pink shirt: Brad Norman. Joking that he did not get the memo, he went on to deliver a speech on the importance of belief, using the story of Moses as reference.

Encouraging everyone to believe that Taking You Forward will be great, our CEO said, “We’re talking greatness into the company because I believe TYF will become great. You all agree with me? TYF’s going to become great so let’s thank God now that TYF is going to become great. That’s why we need to believe.

I thank God every day TYF is going to be great and you, our great people, we’re going to have great clients, great managers, and we’re going to have great accounts. Thank you all for believing with me that TYF is going to be great.”

And for further encouragement, he also announced the happy news, which is that 80 people have already enjoyed the Annual Appraisal increase (16.66% of the company’s total population). To date, an average of 8.3% increase has been given to the employees.

February GA 2015: Believe that TYF will be GREAT!As TYF is company of great people, it comes to no surprise that there are a lot of top agents for the month of January. These high flyers, which are comprised of old and new faces, were given the recognition that they deserved. Hopefully, we will be seeing these guys again –plus more—during the next assembly.

Aside from announcing the monthly top agents, everyone at TYF also had the opportunity to welcome to the fold two new people who will help company become better: Tony Rico (Team Leader) and Mary Erah Jayme (Junior HR Specialist). There was also another group of awesome individuals who deserved to be mentioned and congratulated: the newly promoted employees whose hard work and dedication propelled their career further. Their names are:

  • Michael Reyes – Senior Manager for Business Development (US)
  • Abner Morales – Senior Manager for Business Development (UK)
  • Joven Morales – Business Development Manager (US)
  • Paul Arendain – Business Development Manager (UK)
  • Judith Sellner – Confirmed Team Leader of Premium Local
  • Lynette Becaldo – Recruitment Manager Intern
  • Mary Rose Caranecio – New Senior Agent
  • Fairy Bongo – New Senior Agent
  • Elma Cabreros – New Senior Agent
  • Danielle Himpit – New Senior Agent
  • Jaleana Solon – New Team Leader Intern
  • Rhodem Capilla – New Senior Agent

Now, we all know that TYF loves to host events where everyone can just sit back, relax, and enjoy good food. And for that, the management has decided to create an Events Committee to make future gatherings even better. For those interested to be a part of it, please approach Miss Mayse in the Support Area.

February GA 2015: Believe that TYF will be GREAT!Other announcements made include the TYF Job Fair at Handuraw and the rebranding initiatives. The Job Fair is on March 6, 2015 Friday at 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM. What’s so cool about this event? Free pizza will be given away to people who will apply or refer his friends and/or family.

And since the company really needs a lot of people because of the rate that it’s growing, recruitment also reminded everyone to participate in the Employee Referral Program. By referring, you are not only getting your friend a job, but actually get to earn a total of 4K as well. So, if want to earn extra, just click that referral button!

As with the previous general assemblies, another GA was done at the later part of day so everyone at night shift can also take part in the activity.



Goodbye, 2014. Hello to the first General Assembly of 2015. And what better way to start the year than announcing that it would be GREAT one.

This is what Taking You Forward’s CEO, Brad Norman, announced as he once again took to the floor to impart his thoughts to everyone. Starting with a few words regarding the coming Sinulog, he got the crowd excited for the big celebration by revealing that there’s going to be a float this year and volunteers will be needed.

Note: For those who want to volunteer, group yourselves into five and send your names to A raffle will decide which five groups will be part of the TYF contingent.

GA Jan 2015Brad, ever the person who loves to motivate everyone with his speech, talked about the importance of sacrifice and reward. According to him, “This year is about sacrifice. And what we need to do as a group, as a company is to sacrifice ourselves, basically, for our company; second, for our clients; third, for each other; and most importantly, for ourselves.”

Having sacrificed a lot in his life – personally and business-wise – for TYF, he explained that he does not mind doing so because the reward to his sacrifice is “seeing the company turn into a greater company than it is now.”

Another highlight of the monthly assembly is the presentation of the new company logo. It’s something the management, specifically the brand team, has been working on since last year. And after many tweaks and changes, it was finally ready to be revealed to the TYF public, which they received quite well. Its grand debut, however, would be during the Sinulog parade where it will be on display for the rest of Cebu to see.

Our get together would not be complete without recognizing the previous month’s high flyers. Here are the 30 individuals, both nightshift and dayshift account, from operations who garnered the highest BSC among their peers:

- Venus Ong- Rovic Omolon- Claudae Mendoza- Melissa Londres
- Mar Flordelie Arado- Dhane Ambat- Rain Rose Torres- Cindy Asido
- Cecyl Seludo - Glennford Bohol- Magnolia Colleen Cabilao- Jet John Abellar
- Rabby Rosa- Marjorie Sorino- Fausto Aligo- Michael Babyboy Borinaga
- Mary Antonette Tan- Roy Lopez Aguilar- Joellen Alfornon- Paul Javines
- Harley Hisola- Gayle Rama- Janice Alcos- Gerard Rara
- Brian Cañete- Mary Caño- Diefo Joules Navaja- Loida Amor
- Evelyn Fatima Plaza- Mark Bryan Planas

GA Jan 2015 | FUN @ TYFINCCongratulations, guys! You’re the perfect example that sacrifices can indeed lead to reward and greatness. Keep it up!

As the company is growing by leaps and bounds, it is not surprising that we also have an increasing number of jobs in Cebu. That’s why Lynette from Recruitment once again encouraged the crowd to refer as many people as they can and to apply for the various internal positions that are open. Want a good reason why you should refer? How does 4K sound? If you are interested in earning extra cash, click the button below:

Taking You Forward’s first GA ended in a very positive note, with everyone feeling more motivated and more hopeful for the next 300+ days. Hopefully, each one of us would be able to reach all of our goals this year. And in everything that you do, always keep in mind these words from our Cebu call center CEO: Without sacrifice, you don’t get any reward.

SINULOG 2015: The Great Logo Debut

Even though the days prior to the Sinulog Celebration were marked by rain and heavy winds, not a single drop fell from the sky that day as almost every soul in Cebu flocked the streets to celebrate and party the day away. And Taking You Forward was in the middle of it all, with its carnivalesque float which carried its own batch of fun-loving crowd made up of TYF people and circus performers.

The float, designed by our graphics artist, Dixie Caluya, and built by the amazing Lord Aljas, was decked out in the most festive manner: with brightly colored feathers and flowers and a huge Tiki Man face wearing a glamorous headdress. Think of it as a cross between a Hawaiian luau and the famous Rio Carnival!

However, the most eye-catching feature is not the decorations but the newest thing about TYF: its logo. The blue initials are now replaced with a bright orange arrow that appears to be spiraling upwards—the direction that the company, its people, and its partners have been heading since 2014 and predictably in the years to come.

Giving the design a more interesting take is the way the arrow has turned and twisted. If one looks at it, he or she can easily see that it looks like the letter F, which of course, stands for FUN, something that the CEO, Brad Norman, has always emphasized during the last assemblies by saying these exact words: “We’re bringing back the FUN in TYF.”

Another noticeable change is the omission of the words Inc. and A Business Process Outsourcing Company. These were purposely dropped to bring more focus on the company name. Overall, the new logo looks youthful, professional, and very contemporary. Perfect for ushering in an era of success and greatness!

Excitement definitely buzzed in the air as people from management, support, and operations (from both night and dayshift accounts) banded with the circus performers to entertain those in the sidelines. It was like party central with DJ Brad going from one beat to another while others danced, gave out freebies, became heartthrobs, and did some face painting. Free beer, which was available to anyone who has a referral, added more fuel to the frenzy.

Not to be outdone, the performers wowed everyone with their skills as they went all out with their performance. Both kids and kids at heart were all smiles when the clowns went around twisting balloons and did all sorts of comical stuff. The awesome pair of acrobats juggled, did somersaults, and showcased their tricks both on the ground and on top of the van (to everyone’s delight). All eyes were on the fire breathers every time they produce a plume of fire.

This kind of energy continued from morning to night and until the float reached it’s starting point, the Fuente Osmeña Circle. No person went home without a dash of halo powder or poster paint. It was something to be remembered for years.

Sinulog is indeed a fitting event to celebrate the past and the future. The new logo is just one of many changes as Taking You Forward continues to work hard just to make sure that this call center company in Cebu is on its way to achieving the 10,000 strong goal.

Bop’s Lunch with the CEO

There are three things that we know about Brad Norman and Glen “Bop” Buenaventura. The former is Taking You Forward’s founder and CEO, while the latter is one of the most well-liked employees in this Cebu call center company. Lastly, we all know that they are supposed to share a meal together, as prize for last year’s Selfie with the CEO contest.

And even though it took quite a while to make it happen, these two finally had the chance to do so over Tavolata’s pizza, salad, and what Bop jokingly referred to as mahal na water. Conversations were not limited during their meal, as they were able to talk about a lot of things – life, the company, beer, relationships, etc.

Bop was kind enough to sit down with us for a few minutes to talk about the experience. With a smile on his face, he recalled how their lunch went, what they talked about, and most of all what it was like to eat with your boss.

Of all the topics they’ve covered, the one that Bop can never forget is when he opened up to Brad about his relationship. For him, it was amazing that the person who is the head of the company, the one who makes executive decisions, is the same person who’s now giving him advice on the love department. It also matters to him that these words of wisdom were spoken from one Christian to another.

Another thing he shared to us is Brad’s love for beer, a topic which the CEO is clearly an expert on. They had an interesting talk on which one is his favorite and the ones that he thinks are sh**ty (excuse our French).

In person, the big boss, according to Bop, is very fun to be with, relaxed, and very personable. He was never business-like during their talks. Instead, he was just himself.

When asked to describe the overall experience, Bop only had one word to say: AWESOME. For him, it’s something that should be done more often and with other TYF employees. He also went on to say that, “you’re not just talking to a CEO; you are talking to a person.”

Given the opportunity to send Brad a message; this is what he wishes to convey to him: It’s my pleasure having lunch with you. I’m also grateful that I was able to talk to you about life, about Christianity. There are a lot of things that I’ve been thankful about this company. Hopefully, I can sit down with you again one of these days.”


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