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Wednesday, January 12, 2011 8:13
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The Philippines was one of the underdogs among its Asian counterparts. There were so much economic problems that came to Philippine shores that, when all of the other countries in its region are rising, the country remained in the struggling phase. But if there was anything that took things into a different turn, it was the fact that Filipinos are very savvy when it comes to new technology and coupled with the right work attitude and skills, what investor would not want to outsource services in the once unknown country?

The toughest competitor of the Philippines was India. Aside from efficient manpower, the latter was known for cheap labor prices. India took over most of the BPO services – from search engine optimization to contact center services.

The efforts from the Philippine government proved to be fruitful though when the pioneer BPO companies stayed and expanded their services not only in the country’s capital but to other key cities such as Cebu in the south.

Because of the Filipinos work efficiency, attention to details, mastery of technology, mastery of the English language and right work attitude, many of the companies in key countries like the United States, Australia and the UK have outsourced their business processes from India to the Philippines. Now, the country has taken over other Asian countries such as India in this industry.

Philippines passes India, it is now the number 1 spot in Outsourcing Industry. Most of the time, Filipinos can generate good results on the projects from US, UK and Australia clients. Philippine BPO Services – from Contact Center Services to Search Engine Optimization & Web Development Services.

BPO companies are rising faster than ever. These companies are considered to be the fastest growing organizations of the Information Technology area. Most big companies in the United States (U.S.) typically outsource one or more sectors of their business to BPO companies, in doing so, these companies save time and money by entrusting their operational activities to BPO companies who specializes in a variety of back-office services, inbound and outbound support.

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