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The TYF, Inc. Brand of Customer Service Outsourcing

The TYF, Inc. Brand of Customer Service Outsourcing

Who trains the customer service agents of this outsourcing company?

Mr. Josiah “Josh” Caare, that’s who! The question has become frequently asked by Taking You Forward, Inc.’s existing business partners and potential clients. Always, the company answers with pride that it’s Mr. Caare, TYF, Inc.’s training manager.

The trainer of trainers of TYF, Inc. (Taking You Forward, Inc.), Josiah Caare developed the company’s own brand of customer service by tapping what’s unique in the abilities of each CSR (customer service representative) in the company. In turn, the customer service of TYF, Inc. has been exceptional; it has made customer service outsourcing a logical business decision, if not an entirely beneficial one, for many of the company’s business partners.

As for the company’s CSRs, sales and technical support agents, and market researchers—who once were taken under his wing—they comment that Josh has indeed made a difference in their communication, interpersonal, and problem-solving skills.

However, before all the positive feedback and the commendations from his colleagues, the trainees and trainers, and the company’s higher-ups, Josh Caare had toiled his way up to his current position as the training manager of Taking You Forward, Inc.

The Start-Up

To deal with sales, to interact with people (may it be an individual person or one whole crowd), and to teach are not only included in his line of interest, they are also vital parts of how he has envisioned his career path.

Josh already practiced sales in working for an insurance company while in college. Selling memorial plans and insurance policies was his means to support his college studies. He was a DOST scholar who earned a degree in chemical engineering and AB linguistics. He pursued the latter course to quip himself with communication skills, which he found more in line with his interests and more complementary to his being a people person.

From his college years to the present, he has been affiliated with the Philippine Jaycees, Inc. His affiliation with the organization is one of the things that he credits for his leadership skills. This has served him well in making his way into the BPO (business process outsourcing) industry, wherein he worked as a customer service agent, technical support representative, and technical engineer; each of which was in three different BPO companies.

With a mind-set to establish a career path in training, he joined the Toastmasters Club, attended trainings in local and Manila-based training centers, and acquired training certifications from joining the programs.

Josiah Caare

The Rev-Up

He then went back to the outsourcing industry; this time, with his eye on a training profession. A company hired him to be a plain trainer, a product trainer. Eventually, he was put on a sales training position, which he held for 3 years.

After being a sales trainer for 3 years, he was offered to manage a 25-member team of a new account in another outsourcing company. This he did for one and a half years. He then decided to put up his own business, which also covered customer service outsourcing. He was working from home and managed team leaders and agents for 6 months. This was when Taking You Forward, Inc. offered him to be the company’s trainer, which he initially turned down; fortunately, he thought the better of it.

The Power-Up

It’s only been a year and 2 months since Josiah “Josh” Caare joined the TYF, Inc. family. Upon setting foot in the company, Josh organized basically everything about TYF, Inc.’s training needs. He transitioned from being a plain trainer to a sales trainer to a training manager in less than a year.

His transition was nonetheless natural, expected, and worthy of a professional with his experience and expertise. Even for a training manager, TYF, Inc. remains to present new abilities to be discovered. Josh pointed out that project management—the technicalities and big picture of it—is one of the things he newly discovered to be efficient in.

Also, the company still has challenges in store for him—or for any professional in TYF, Inc. for that matter. For Josh, the toughest thing in being a training manager is making sure that the company’s trainers have the right mix of competencies. Josh cites that if you are a good talker, that “doesn’t readily mean that you will be an equivalent good trainer.” Indeed, a lot of considerations still have to be factored in.

In fulfilling his career path, Josh expresses, “Since the very beginning, I wanna work with people, I wanted a people-oriented career and this is what I got. And I love it.” Josh’s endeavors were not only recognized by Taking You Forward, Inc., they have been well rewarded as well.

TYF, Inc.’s training manager, Mr. Josiah “Josh” Caare, has made a difference to how our call center company delivers customer service outsourcing. In turn, the company provided him opportunities for career advancement, enabling him to discover new areas of expertise along the way.

For a company that can show you abilities you didn’t know you had in you, working in Taking You Forward, Inc. would surely be a different professional experience, wouldn’t it?




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