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The Elite Dinner Incentive – Jan ’13

call center jobs
How rewarding can call center jobs get? At Taking You Forward, Inc., performing exceptionally well can grant you a sumptuous meal in one of the most sophisticated restaurants in Cebu and provide you the means to shop for the things you’ve been meaning to have.

One of the campaigns of TYF, Inc. has devised a way to motivate its agents to achieve the campaign’s goals and objectives. This campaign is the Sales and Technical Support arm of a company that provides software and services solutions for PCs, phones, tablets, and the like. The agents of the campaign basically handle outbound and inbound call center services .

With that scope of responsibility, it’s only appropriate that these agents are recognized and rewarded for being efficient and exceptional in doing their jobs. The director of operations (DOO), Mr. Alexis Dabon, and one of our operations managers, Mr. Patrick Revilla, thought that the best way to go about this is through the Elite Dinner Incentive.

The incentive scheme was designed to keep the entire campaign excited and competitive, thereby keeping things challenging—if not thrilling—the whole while. The Elite Dinner Incentive will identify three winners from the Sales Team and three from the Technical Support Team after every month.

Qualifying for that dinner treat and “shopping ticket” means hitting the following metrics:
  1. For the Sales Agents, at least 11% of Net Conversion Rate and 90% of Net Diagnosis Offer Rate
  2. For the Tech Support Agents, a Reliability Score of at least 95% and having the highest scores in Compliance, FCR (first call resolution), and CSAT (customer satisfaction)

Technicalities of score computations aside, the following were the winners of the Elite Dinner Incentive for January 2013:

1. Jeff Gingco – 1st Place

Jeff works his ass off to bring in those precious sales. He is one of those rare breed that takes to heart the need to bring in sales; else, his day will not be complete. His lives by the adage “Play hard, work harder.”

1. Mardilyn Arbolado – 1st Place

She’s a new agent (2 months old) and a call center newbie. Her performance has greatly improved. According to her, the buddy system we had on January worked for her.

She is very willing to learn, is teachable and a fast learner. Therefore, she was able to adjust and did well. She has a good working attitude and no attendance issues (no lates, no over-breaks, no absences)

2. Steve Ponte – 2nd Place

He believes that work need not be dull. He livens up the floor when he arrives and brings this energy to his calls. He is a fine example of not judging a book by its cover. He has this no-nonsense attitude to get those sales in.

His Zen philosophy of having fun while working actually goes beyond just getting in sales. It translates to his customers, where even one commented that she would like to give Steve a hug for the best customer experience she has ever had.

2. Marguel Lariosa – 2nd Place

He’s one of the Tier 2 reps. A consistent performer ever since he was endorsed to the Production Floor. He has no attendance issues. He is tech savvy and has a good working attitude. He takes the initiative to learn new work around and shares it to the whole team.

3. Kenneth Geronimo – 3rd Place

He is a refreshing break from our other two top performers as he brings in sales with that rare earnestness and strong conviction that the customer really needs our live support. His consistency in bringing in sales day after day is as constant as the beating of our hearts. I am proud to have met him and known him.

3. Alcy Cahanap – 3rd Place

She’s a new agent (2 months old). She has good communication and soft skills. She has a good working attitude. She’s been in the call center industry for quite a while. She can work with less supervision and she also acts as scheduler when needed.

Kudos to Jeff, Steve, and Kenneth of Sales; Mardilyn, Marguel, and Alcy of Technical Support! The entire TYF, Inc. family is very proud of the top performers of our call center company. For working hard, for getting things done, and for having outstanding results, these top agents were treated to a plush dinner at the Maya Mexican Restaurant and were given Sodexho gift certificates worth Php 500.

In housing a campaign that brings technology at its best, Taking You Forward, Inc. is a call center Philippines can attest to having agents that perform at their best as well.




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