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The Elite Dinner Incentive – March ’13

The Elite Dinner Incentive – March ’13 | Day-shift Call Center

The Elite Dinner Incentive continues to drive our agents to perform better each month. This certain campaign has a new bunch of winners for March 2013, save for one, who previously held the third spot and is now the first-place winner.

The Sales Team marched its way to success! A month of flying colors for the campaign’s nightshift and dayshift call center agents! The team reached a conversion rate of 13.10% and a DO (diagnosis offer) rate of 92.55%. The Team Leads did extensive coaching and team management.

TM (team manager) Mike made sure that everyone was doing their job. Everybody was on their top performance. All the same, the team hopes to hit higher percentages next month.

The Technical Support Team, on the other hand, did extremely well for March too. Despite having more stats to hit, the team managed to have their numbers on a steady rise.

Here are the winners of the Elite Dinner Incentive for March 2013:

1. Patrick Cambongga – (1st place)

Great! It’s his name again on the Top Performers List. Can anybody beat his stats? Way to go, Pat!

You really can’t expect that this marvelous person is still new to the campaign. Isn’t that amazing? Some people are just born with the skills and have the determination to enhance what they have.

He is a perfect definition of fun and excellence. How we wish that everybody can perform like Patrick.

1. Erlanger Cudico – (1st Place)

This agent has been visible as the go-to guy for Tech. He has also been very open to assist his customers and ensure resolution and customer education.

2. Dessane Oyangoren – (2nd place)

Dess has been with the campaign’s Sales Team for just a few months but was very fantastic and very consistent. She was down last month due to some family issues but promised to bounce back this month, and bounce back she did.

Even if she was scheduled for the most difficult and struggling shift, she was still able to manage and really exceed my expectations. It is an honor to work with her!

2. Farhan Hunti – (2nd Place)

This agent has shown consistency in following the updated checklist as a Tier 1 Technical Support Representative. He is able to manage his calls well and acts as a scheduler/scanner during call spikes.

3. Grace Bajan – (3rd place)

She is one of the most talented agents in the campaign, so far. Grace is a late bloomer but she is a very intelligent woman.

Since this is her first call center experience, her being receptive helps her a lot, and for sure, it will make her a better agent in the future. Just like now, she is one of the best, and for sure, she can carry this until the end.

3. Lee Calderon – (3rd Place)

This agent has worked as a Scanner and has been very efficient in getting scans done right, and right away.

He has shown dedication in ensuring all sessions transferred over to him are closed out on the same day. He would, at most part, extend his shift just to ensure that all the tickets handled are resolved and closed.

He also has a good working attitude. He has the initiative to switch to a scheduler during call spikes.

The 6 winners were treated to dinner at El Viento, a restaurant known to serve the best buffet dinner in Cebu City. The restaurant is right inside the five-star hotel Marco Polo Plaza.

They then proceeded to grab a drink at the Blu Bar & Grill, a bar located at the Penthouse of the same hotel. On top of enjoying their drinks, the winners received their certificates and cash prizes (Php 500 each).

Alexis Dabon (director of operations), Jardine Michael Tan (campaign’s sales team manager), and Patrick Revilla (senior operations manager) joined the night of rewarding and celebrating the top performers of the campaign.

The Elite Dinner Incentive has been one of the many reasons that Taking You Forward, Inc. has made itself a specific destination for fun and rewarding call center jobs in Cebu.




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