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The Elite Dinner Incentive – Feb ’13

cebu call center jobs | The Elite Dinner Incentive

An incentive scheme like the Elite Dinner Incentive is one of the many ways that Taking You Forward, Inc. factors in fun and challenges to how the company carries the label of “call center Philippines.”

The Elite Dinner Incentive, which was devised by one of TYF, Inc.’s campaigns, has indeed achieved the aims of (1) recognizing and rewarding the campaign’s top performers every month, (2) motivating their agents into performing and achieving desired goals and objectives, and (3) keeping the team excited and competitive.

The incentive scheme has proven to be effective, especially that this month’s winners compose a whole new set of top performers. This goes to show that everyone in the team has truly been aiming to become the new top performers.

Here are the winners of the Elite Dinner Incentive for February 2013:

1. Shyane Malinao – 1st Place

This woman is a MONSTER! Monster for sales. She never leaves the office without roaring a number of sold Live Support products.

The moment she came back after giving birth to a healthy baby boy, she flew up the charts like a skyrocket. She immediately became the top seller on her first week.

Not only is Shayne excellent at selling, we can always rely on her to be present every day – ready to bring in more revenue for the program. Shayne is simply amazing!

1. Arjie Espina – 1st Place

Arjie is calm in handing his calls and positions himself well with his customers; thus, he is able to connect with them and the customers feel satisfied and understand him well.

2. Jonathan Cañete – 2nd Place

This guy right here is a ROCKSTAR! When he comes in, he is usually silent and focuses only on his customer. A couple of hours after, his TL shouts out to everyone, “Two sales from Jonathan!”

Jonathan is not only good in selling – he is a party animal! He balances his work and personal life very well. Not to mention, he is also studying while bringing in more revenue for the program. He is simply “fantabulous”!

2. Dennis Tano – 2nd Place

Dennis has shown consistency in following the updated checklist as a Tier 1 Technical Support Representative. He is able to manage his calls well and acts as a scheduler/scanner during call spikes.

3. Patrick Cambongga – 3rd Place

A person full of color, full of joy, and full of life. That’s how we describe Patrick!

Making Ascentive richer must be his goal. No doubt, he is really promising. He sells like an expert, considering that it’s his first time to handle sales. He must be born with that talent. Let’s make use of it and enhance it.

We have no problem with Pat, not a single headache! We need not to push him to make a sale. We are just amazed that by the end of the day, he is always one of the top performers. He never failed us for this month. We trust him that he will keep the fire burning. In addition, his superiors are always ready to support and reward him.

3. Claude Mendoza – 3rd Place

Claude has worked as a scheduler and has been very consistent in sending out report follow-ups for pending tickets. She ensures that pending tickets are prioritized by consistently escalating them. She also has a good working attitude, is seldom late, and has no absences.

TYF, Inc.’s being an amazing call center company does not stop in having Shyane, Jonathan, Patrick, Arjie, Dennis, and Claude in our workforce. TYF, Inc. also has Marco, Venus, and Marc!

Marco, Venus, and Marc are TLs (team leaders). They have displayed incredible multi-tasking abilities, jumping on a call whenever the campaign has calls in queue while being their own supervisors at the same time. Thus, it’s only apt that they be given special recognition for a job well done for the tech management.

The winners and special awardees were treated to a memorable dining experience in Uno, a restaurant in the four-star hotel Waterfront Cebu City Hotel & Casino. To top it all off, the winners of the Elite Dinner Incentive were given Php 500 each.

A company that is exceptionally fun and challenging among the other call centers in Cebu, Taking You Forward, Inc. gives only the best treats for the Sales and Technical Support agents who are likewise performing at their best.




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