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The Elite Dinner Incentive – April ’13

The Elite Dinner Incentive – April ’13 | Call Center Jobs in Cebu

The sales agents and technical support representatives of a certain campaign in our BPO company made April an extra awesome month. They continue to enhance the image of Cebu as a call center hub with professionals that effortlessly reach or exceed their quotas and performance metrics.

The team manager of the campaign’s sales team shared, “It was a bigger and better April for the Sales Team! Sky is the limit. The team is improving day by day with a team total of 96.47% DO (diagnosis offer) rate and 14.26% net conversion rate.”

A difference of almost 4% in DO and 1.1% in conversion is truly amazing. A job well done for the agents and tech support team. Still, the team aspires to go beyond 14.50% conversion rate and 98% DO rate.

The technical support team has been superb with their CSAT (customer satisfaction), quality, compliance, and reliability rates as well. With their skills and expertise, the team continues to satisfy their customers and make TYF, Inc. a great inbound call center.

The following are the campaign’s top Agents for April 2013:

1. Steve Ponte – (1st place)

This guy has been so consistent, converting sales left and right almost every day. I think nobody can stop this guy for now even if he’s sick.

He’s been on the top for quite some time now and proved to the management that he has more to bring to the team. He deserves everything. I am speechless with this sales agent!

1. George Evan Arcelo – (1st Place)

He may still be on his nesting period but George has shown to have what it takes to exceed expectations.

2. Fretz Cañeda – (2nd place)

Fretz has been with the program for just two months and has shown tremendous performance for a short period of time. Though he is just a newbie, he has shown everyone the skills and attitude of becoming the next big star of our Sales Team.

This month, he ends up second place, which is fantastic. This guy has something to show; he’s worth the wait!

2. Azel Mabia – (2nd Place)

Azel has shown consistency in following the updated checklist as a Tier 1 Technical Support Representative.

3. Wendelou Alimpoos – (3rd place)

Wendelou is still new to this campaign and yet he’s already showing great talent and skills to be the next Sales superstar.

For the past three months, it’s been tough for him being one of the bottom performers, but Wendell bounced back and deserves all the success in the campaign. For sure, he will provide more and help the management exceed all clients’ expectations.

3. Claudae Mendoza – (3rd Place)

Claudae has worked as a Scanner and has been very efficient in getting scans done right away. She has shown dedication in ensuring all sessions transferred over to her are closed on the same day.

As a reward for their hard work and dedication to keep the campaign the expert help for PCs and gadgets, the exemplary agents were treated to a signature dining experience.

The Team Managers, Jardine Michael Tan and Jose Marco Mari Nepomuceno, along with TYF, Inc.’s Senior Operations Manager, Patrick Revilla, brought the winners of the Elite Dinner Incentive to David’s Steaks, which has, hands down, the best steaks in town.

Hats off to Steve, Fretz, and Wendelou of Sales; and George, Azel, and Claudae of Tech Support! They gave their best, and they deserve only the best.




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