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The Challenges of TYF, Inc.’s Call Center Jobs

BPO  Philippines - The Challenges of TYF, Inc.’s Call Center Jobs

Although anyone in TYF, Inc. can attest that the company’s call center jobs are indeed challenging, it is Jerome Tenchavez who can best discuss the fact and even be more specific about it.

Jerome is one of the campaign managers (CMs) of Taking You Forward, Inc. He joined TYF, Inc. on December 2009. He’s been in the company for more than 3 years and has been facing—and enjoying—the challenges of working here.

Transition Streak

Jerome started out as a sales agent, for a likewise starting campaign. After three weeks, he was picked to be a TLi (team lead – intern). Three months later, when the campaign became more stable, he was designated to be the QA specialist.

Mid-year of 2010, a new campaign came in, and Jerome was assigned to be its QA specialist. Eventually, this campaign needed a CM as well. This time, it was the client himself who referred Jerome to be the campaign manager.

Call Center Philippines - The Challenges of TYF, Inc.’s Call Center Jobs

Challenge Accepted!

It all looks too smooth a transition, right? Well, not quite!

Jerome had his fair share of difficulties in working for a call center Philippines considered a fledgling back then in the country’s BPO industry. Now, however, that TYF, Inc. is nearing its 5th year of operations, Jerome looks back to those challenging times with an amused sigh and a chuckle.

In landing the TLi post, he was challenged by the responsibility of keeping his team members motivated to work and preventing them from being lax in their job.

In the first few weeks of being a campaign manager, the technicalities of required reports proved to be a bit of a hurdle. Also, it took some time for Jerome to get used to a CM’s default function: should issues or problems arise in the campaign, the accountability for such matters falls on his shoulders.

Odds Beat

Just as how every TYF, Inc. employee deals with the challenges of the jobs here, Jerome took it all in stride. Jerome has been a campaign manager in the company for 2 years now.

He shares that the best part in being a CM is “the experience! The experience wherein before you get to a CM position, you have to go through a lot of things, and you have to continue learning a lot of stuff.”

Jerome also credits the working environment of TYF, Inc. for his campaign’s excellent delivery of outbound and inbound call center services. He believes that “a happy worker works well. If you’re happy with your work, if you’re comfortable with the environment and everything, then there’s no problem for you going to work, doing your job, and everything.”




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