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Call Centre Services Polished to a Ritch Caliber

Call Centre Services | BPO Philippines - Ritch Caliber

Nope, that’s not a typo. That happens to be the name of the person who oversees the quality of Taking You Forward, Inc.’s call centre services. A name that’s only a letter more of the generic term rich, TYF, Inc.’s QA manager likewise holds many similarities to what rich connotes and denotes.

A rich source of information, inspiration, and positive influence, the manager of our QA Department made it possible to not only bring the department into existence but make it function efficiently as well. Of course, these professional accomplishments were not without determination, hard work, and resilience.

A Cornerstone of TYF, Inc.

Back when Taking You Forward, Inc. was still a fledgling company, only a handful of people composed its foundations. One of these people is now TYF, Inc.’s QA Manager, Ritch Santos.

Dayshift Call Center | Ritch SantosRitch started as a “normal QA”—a QA specialist—back in 2008. He was promoted to QA supervisor the following year; six months later, he was appointed to be the QA manager.

Back then, quality assurance was conducted on a few call centre agents only. As the company grew and more call centre services were being offered, having a sufficiently-manned and well-established QA department became inevitable.

A Clean Slate

As the QA Manager, Ritch had to establish the entire department, which was a challenge in itself. This calls for coming up with a fixed set of policies, procedures, and standards, to name a few of the most basic requirements for the department.

“At first, it was very difficult because I didn’t really have the experience or enough training for the position,” Ritch commented. With hours of research and studying about the job post and the department, Ritch managed to establish TYF, Inc.’s Quality Assurance Department.

A Cool QA Crew

“When we started, I had about 4 QAs with me,” Ritch shared. Now, the QA Department has 20 QA specialists and 1 QA supervisor.

The QA specialists are mainly tasked to monitor how well our agents correspond with the customers, providing an evaluation of the call handling and sales skills of our call centre agents. Ritch explained, “The QAs are also doing coaching. They don’t just monitor calls and give feedback, they also coach the agents.”

Ritch and his QA team are quite known in the company to be one cool and chic crew. Ritch notes, “One of the things that inspire me to come to work every day is the team—growing and improving their skills.”

A Clear-Cut Direction

Already one of the pillars of Taking You Forward, Inc., Ritch Santos still hopes to spend more years with the company and continue to be part of the steady growth of the QA Department.

It is through the management of Ritch that our call centre agents’ competencies are continuously primed to efficiently communicate with our customers, thereby enhancing the company’s high caliber of call centre services and upholding the premier quality of BPO Philippines is acclaimed for.




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