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Training Programs Make BPO Services of the Philippines No. 1

Training Programs Make BPO Services of the Philippines No. 1

When asked about how the Philippines came to be a top country housing BPO(business process outsourcing) service providers, many people would say straight-out that it’s the Filipinos’ fluency in speaking English.

The BPO services that the Philippines has been offering to Western companies and the global market have borne the mark of quality. The high-grade outsourcing services of the country stem from the frontline training programs of call centers in Cebu, Manila, and other outsourcing companies around the Philippines.

The TYF, Inc. Style of Training

Taking You Forward, Inc. is a BPO company in the Philippines, specifically in Mandaue City, that upholds the quality of its services by valuing its training programs, especially communications training. TYF, Inc. points out that effective communication is not only an absolute must in any role, it is all the more necessary to perform efficiently when working in call centers or in the BPO industry.

Since most Filipinos have an affinity to almost anything Western, they readily have above-average skills in speaking and writing in English. Taking You Forward, Inc. has created the necessary primers and manuals to put these skills into professional use, to turn them into effective communication skills used to the advantage of closing a sale, handling customer service, providing technical support, and the like.

Taking You Forward, Inc. has structured its training programs in a way wherein the trainees will be more at ease in communicating with customers and carrying out other tasks. The company’s training approach has made the output of its employees distinctive from the outsourcing services of other countries, contributing to how the country has made a mark in the outsourcing world with the BPO services Philippines delivers.

The Core of TYF, Inc.’s Communications Training

It’s fair to say that being a fluent English speaker does not readily translate to being an effective communicator. Taking You Forward, Inc. raises the bar in conducting its communications training. The company does not settle for individuals who are consistent in pronouncing words correctly, who have neutral accents, or who frequently have the right intonation in speaking. Instead, the company maximizes those abilities by turning articulate speaking into effective communication.

With TYF, Inc.’s communications training, the trainees’ communication skills are enhanced and further refined in order for them to not only efficiently communicate but to communicate with impact as well. It is said that a meaningful thought remains to be a mere thought unless one has established a connection that leaves a significant impression, one that incites action or prompts a response.

The Communication Skills Training Program of TYF, Inc. not only covers the basics of talking articulately, it also ensures that the trainees will have sufficient knowledge of BPO terms and acronyms, the communication process, how to sound professional, the different structured approaches to express oneself or give information, and the like.

The communications training program of Taking You Forward, Inc. enables the trainees to become not only highly skilled in speaking English but efficient in communicating as well. The company stresses the importance of efficient communication; it is a way of living up to the prestige of the industry of BPO Philippines is globally known to excel in.

Several applicants turned employees have credited Taking You Forward, Inc. for providing them skill sets vital to being a professional in the outsourcing industry. To be part of a company that has contributed to the outstanding BPO services that the Philippines provides to foreign businesses is an achievement. To become a competent professional on top of that is just awesome, isn’t it?




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