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Professionals in Pajamas

Taking You Forward, Inc. closed the month of August with much relaxation, that is, with a massage and the sleeping attires to match. On August 31, 2012, TYF, Inc. employees came to the office wearing the following: comfy sandals in lieu of wedges, high heels, or … Read More
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TYF Inc’s July Friday Delights!

It was all about the definition of senses and making great things possible. We are well aware of the stressful lifestyle that our employees here in TYF, Inc. may have. This aspect can cause a negative impact to them physically, mentally, and psychologically. It can … Read More
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Fun under the Sun!

It was a day full of sand and play. We took a break from our busy lives and hit the shores of Mactan Island to unwind and have fun. Our TYF Inc. Fun Day happened last April 28, 2012, at the Tambuli Beach Resort. It was a whole-day event filled with relaxation as … Read More
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The TYF, Inc. Brand of Customer Service Outsourcing

Who trains the customer service agents of this outsourcing company? Mr. Josiah “Josh” Caare, that’s who! The question has become frequently asked by Taking You Forward, Inc.’s existing business partners and potential clients. Always, the company answers … Read More
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Finding the Talents for Our Business Process Outsourcing Services

Finding the most suitable people to fill our job postings is no walk in the park. Despite having the majority of jobseekers looking into BPO companies, we still have posts that remain vacant for quite some time. This can also be a result of how our recruitment … Read More
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Call Centre Services Polished to a Ritch Caliber

Nope, that’s not a typo. That happens to be the name of the person who oversees the quality of Taking You Forward, Inc.’s call centre services. A name that’s only a letter more of the generic term rich, TYF, Inc.’s QA manager likewise holds many similarities to what … Read More
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BPO Company Philippines: Why Choose TYF, Inc.

The BPO industry of the Philippines is, no doubt, flourishing; the country’s BPO companies are now more like growing like bean sprouts. With each seed of BPO company Philippines plants, it readily grows its tiny stems after some time, sprouting out of the soil and … Read More
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Top 5 Careers in Business Process Outsourcing Companies in the Philippines

With business process outsourcing Philippines is also facing the challenge of meeting the diverse nature, unique demands, and varying functions of foreign companies … Read More
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Career Congress & Job Seek @ SM

Two successful events provided opportunity for Taking You Forward, Inc. to tap more talents in the city of Cebu. First was the JobSeek @ SM City Cebu. It was held at the SM City Trade Hall last August 10–11, 2012. This was organized by SM City Cebu, with the support … Read More
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How the BPO Industry of the Philippines Molds Its Leaders

Several people say that great leaders are born; on the other hand, Taking You Forward, Inc. says they can be made, and has actually been making great leaders for the past years. TYF, Inc. has realized goals common of a business process outsourcing (BPO) company … Read More

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