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Our Call Center Company Takes Glam Rock to the Top

TYF, Inc.’s Christmas Party brought its own spin to Glam Rock. On December 22, 2012, everyone strut their glam rock stuff at The Orchard Cebu Hotel. For a call center company that has themed events on any given day, Taking You Forward, Inc. took to heart … Read More
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How Creepy Can Call Centers Get?

Ghost stories, demonic possessions, or paranormal activities are no strangers to call centers, may they be merely talked about or actually happening within the buildings. These stories are usually abuzz during Halloween, but what’s even more abuzz are … Read More
Call Center Company | TYF, Inc.

TYF, Inc. Joins USC-TC Days 2012

One of the prominent annual university events in Cebu is the USC-TC Days. It is a week-long series of collegiate activities to be held in the University of San Carlos – Technological Center. A brief furlough from strictly-academic day-to-day dealings, the USC-TC Days … Read More
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Outsourcing Call Center Goes to Disneyland

Taking You Forward, Inc.’s employees experienced the wonders and marvels that only Disneyland brings. Nostalgic yet having priceless fun all the same, everyone was hopping from Neverland to the castles of the different Disney princesses. Nobody left the site … Read More
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Are You Cut Out for Technical Support Services?

How would you spell out the initialisms CMS or CSS? If it’s Chicago Manual of Style, then you’d have to be a writer or an editor or the like. If CSS would mean “cute, sweet, and sexy” for you, then I guess handling technical support services is not exactly in your line … Read More
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TYF, Inc. Coach Program: Picking Online Customer Service Experts in the Philippines

What are you willing to do to become an expert of your field? Getting to a longed-for position entails going through challenges, right? Indeed, things that aren’t served on a … Read More
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Career Paths at a Call Center in the Philippines

No matter how much you’ve gotten used to the fact that several of your colleagues or friends have careers far from their university or college studies, it can still come as a shock upon learning that your training manager is a graduate of chemical engineering or that … Read More
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How Sales Training Primes Inbound Call Center Services in the Philippines

For more than a decade now, the Philippines has been considered to be a premier provider of call center services, mainly inbound or outbound sales, technical support, and … Read More
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Working in a Call Center or Outsourcing Company in the Philippines

Eight out of ten people can give a definite answer to what it’s like to work for a call center or a BPO company in the Philippines. The answers usually stem from having had an actual experience—say, being a current employee or having joined the training period for … Read More
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Mary Kay and Aromacology Sensi Day

Taking You Forward, Inc.’s employees once again had a dose of some special treatment, that is, a free demo of skin care treats from one international cosmetics brand and a relatively new entrant (to the cosmetics industry) offering organic products. The … Read More

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Corporate Updates

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Press Release

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TYF is not only one of the sponsors for the upcoming ICCCE 2013 ...
The International Contact Center Conference & Expo (ICCCE) is an annual event where ...