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TYF, Inc. Coach Program: Picking Online Customer Service Experts in the Philippines

TYF, Inc. Coach Program: Picking Online Customer Service Experts in the Philippines

What are you willing to do to become an expert of your field? Getting to a longed-for position entails going through challenges, right? Indeed, things that aren’t served on a platter are much more savored with that sweet sense of fulfillment.

At Taking You Forward, Inc. (TYF, Inc.), fulfilling your career path, advancing in your profession, or becoming a more competent employee can be obtained as long as you are hardworking enough and have the drive to achieve your professional hopes. In fact, TYF, Inc. promotes corporate values that makes the industry of call center Philippines has stand out in the global market.

To become an expert in the outsourcing field or a proficient customer service agent, you can count on TYF, Inc. The company gives you ample opportunities for career advancement.

A specific venue for the company’s agents to advance in their career is the TYF, Inc. Coach Program. The program allows existing agents to become a team/campaign coach—that is, after accomplishing some requirements, which include a thorough review of qualifications, an exam, and a panel interview.

The Coach Program basically follows this procedure:

    1. Agent submits a letter of intent to become a coach. There is a list of basic qualifications for an agent to become a coach. If the agent deems him/herself to be qualified, then he/she can submit the letter of intent (LOI) to the TL (team leader) for consideration.
      It is also possible that a TL or a CM (campaign manager) picks out an agent to become a potential candidate for the post, whereby submitting an LOI is no longer necessary.

    2. TL seeks approval of CM. Should the coach prospect be considered after double-checking his/her qualifications, the TL writes a letter of recommendation and forwards it to the CM. In turn, the CM will forward the approval to the CSM (client services manager).

    3. Coach Profiling Exam. Should the CSM approve the recommendation, the agent will take an exam, which is administered by the company’s recruitment team.

    4. Panel Interview. If the coach prospect passes the exam, a panel interview will be conducted.

    5. CSM processes the movement forms. If the agent passes the final interview, the CSM will process the movement forms necessary for the coach position.

In Taking You Forward, Inc., career advancement does not stop in landing a coach assignment. In case there will be a need for a team leader intern, trainer intern, or junior QA specialist intern, coaches are then the top priority to be considered for the posts.

The Coach Program is designed to mold agents into leaders, after picking out the ones who perform well and have coaching potentials. It is an efficient way of filtering employees who have the potential to become experts of online customer service Philippines and the company itself can proudly present to foreign business partners.

Taking You Forward, Inc. is more than a training ground for proficiency in outsourcing services, it is the home of experts in BPO Philippines puts in the forefront of the country’s outsourcing industry.




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