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Top 5 Careers in Business Process Outsourcing Companies in the Philippines

Top 5 Careers in Business Process Outsourcing Companies in the Philippines

With business process outsourcing Philippines is also facing the challenge of meeting the diverse nature, unique demands, and varying functions of foreign companies.

Diversity in demand can equate to diversity in supply. Unlike before wherein BPO companies in the country mainly offered voice-based sales and customer support services, these companies are now offering knowledge-based or non-voice services as well. In turn, new positions or jobs were created in BPO companies.

Jobs in the outsourcing industry can range from being a sales agent to an online marketing manager. When it comes to BPO Philippines has strengthened the quantity and quality of the outsourcing industry’s workforce.

Of the many job posts offered by BPO companies, which of these belong to the top 5 careers? What are the top 5 jobs offered by outsourcing companies? What’s the top 5 most applied for?

Below is a countdown of the top 5 careers in the Philippine BPO industry:

Top 5: SEO Specialist
Call Center Company | SEO SpecialistWith an SEO specialist, the existence of a certain product, brand, company, or business can be made known to the global market by producing written or visual materials that can be viewed online.

Usually, SEO is equated with Google, the foremost used search engine. An SEO specialist sees to it that a company’s website link will rank or appear atop the list of Google results when someone searches for something related to a company’s product or service.
Top 4: Marketing Staff
BPO Company Philippines | Marketing StaffA career in marketing calls for fresh ideas, thinking out of the box, and overall much creativity. Primary functions of a marketing staff include online marketing, promotional activities, or PR activities.

Every company has the marketing staff to rely on in making its name known and prominent among existing and potential market, investors, and customers.
Top 3: Content Writer
Content WriterA content writer is responsible in coming up with written materials for the company; usually these materials are for marketing or SEO purposes. He/she usually needs to write informative and factual articles about the company.

BPO companies seek the expertise of content writers for write-ups and information to be posted on their websites, which are usually deemed more reliable if written content can be read with ease, are free of grammatical errors, and the like.
Top 2: Software Engineer
Inbound Call Center Philippines | Software EngineerSoftware engineers are needed by companies to design, develop, maintain, test, or evaluate the software systems the company uses. It is a fact that the efficiency of call center jobs are reliant on the  technological resources of the company, especially the software being used.

The importance of having computers in order for every BPO employee to carry out his/her tasks is as vital as the presence of software engineers in a company.  
Top 1: Customer Service, Sales, or Technical Support Representative
Customer Service, Sales, or Technical Support AgentCustomer service, sales, or technical support agents usually account for the bigger, if not the biggest, percentage in a BPO company’s population. Voice-based services remain to be the main offered service of BPO companies; hence, agents are highly needed to take care of customer concerns of the foreign businesses availing outsourcing services.

At Taking You Forward, Inc., these services—albeit voice-based—are carried out by the agents during the day. In turn, TYF, Inc. is dubbed to be a dayshift call center, wherein majority of the call center agents have 8-hour daytime work schedules.

The top 5 careers of the BPO industry in the Philippines continue to be highly preferred by applicants and sought by outsourcing companies. When it comes to business process outsourcing, Philippines has made it a point to make the outsourcing industry more attractive to foreign investors and businesses by enhancing these top 5 career paths.




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