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Finding the Talents for Our Business Process Outsourcing Services

Business Process Outsourcing Services | BPO Company

Finding the most suitable people to fill our job postings is no walk in the park. Despite having the majority of jobseekers looking into BPO companies, we still have posts that remain vacant for quite some time. This can also be a result of how our recruitment team, the TYF, Inc. Manpower Support Group, is very thorough in filtering the applicants.

To continue providing reliable and quality business process outsourcing services, Taking You Forward, Inc. has certain standards set for the people we hope to acquire. For a BPO (business process outsourcing) company that has been in the industry for four years now, has become 400 strong, and aims to be 10,000 stronger, surely, the talents for TYF, Inc. are a great factor in how the company can continue its growth and reach its goal.

In finding talents that can help the company continue to deliver business process outsourcing services, the TYF, Inc. Manpower Support Group has the following basic guidelines: (1) know what we’re looking for, (2) set qualifications, and (3) set target market.

We’re Looking for You

If you are browsing this page, then chances are that you have an interest in working for the outsourcing industry or in a BPO company. Your interest is something to start with. We’re looking for people who are interested in putting their skills into professional use through working for an outsourcing company.

This interest indicates that you are more likely to be receptive to what the company can offer you. An applicant with a receptive attitude, together with the sought talents and skills, is exactly what we’re looking for.

We Study Your Qualities

We check if your skill sets are on a par with our set qualifications. With a series of interviews and oral/written exams, we can get an idea if you can fill your applied post or we determine which other position would be suitable for you.

Having had a related experience to the post you’re applying for is a plus. Also, we prefer applicants who are amenable to the working conditions, nature of your potential tasks, and the responsibilities you have to shoulder—all of which will be briefly discussed with you.

Then there’s your track record. If your employment history shows that you worked for a year or more in a non-BPO company (e.g., government organization, manufacturing company, or real estate firm) and yet managed to stay for only a few months upon working for an outsourcing company, then that may point out a weak staying power in the BPO industry.

However, if this is the case for you, don’t let your hopes down yet. Taking You Forward, Inc. can be the fresh start for you. Also, the company may just be the venue to stop your “call center hopping” days (if the case may be).

Our Target Market

The yuppies are known to compose the greater percentage of the outsourcing industry. BPO companies prefer having them because of their creativity, fresh ideas, and their drive to excel. Taking You Forward, Inc. also welcomes fresh graduates and undergraduates. We also have a fair share of “career shiftees,” that is, people coming from other industries.

Taking You Forward, Inc.’s employees can attest to how the management and operations of the company are above the status quo. We cover the basics in finding talents to carry out the necessary functions for our business process outsourcing services. Moreover, it is our recruitment group that sets us apart from the usual job fairs you’ve tried or the application processes you’ve undergone.

Many of Taking You Forward, Inc.’s applicants have been snapped out of the mere objective of landing a job. Along the interviews, they find better reasons to be part of the company. Find out for yourself what these reasons are. Apply at TYF, Inc. and join the company’s pool of talents.




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