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Career Paths at a Call Center in the Philippines

Career Paths at a Call Center in the Philippines

No matter how much you’ve gotten used to the fact that several of your colleagues or friends have careers far from their university or college studies, it can still come as a shock upon learning that your training manager is a graduate of chemical engineering or that the technical support representative seated next to you actually took up economics.

It was the call center industry that mainly broke the boundaries of traditional career paths; it is this industry that has been greatly moving fresh graduates off the usual course of working directly in line with their degrees.

A call center Philippines has been housing for four years proudly upholds its employment methodology, which goes above the status quo. The workforce of this call center has graduates of various courses—BS Chemistry, Architecture, Fine Arts, etc.; however, you don’t see them holding test tubes, making blueprints, or painting. Instead, they are carrying out call center jobs or business functions for outsourcing services.

This call center is Taking You Forward, Inc., a growing BPO (business process outsourcing) company that is accustomed to hiring people who want to work in line with their interests, and not necessarily in accordance to their degrees. The majority of these people are dayshift call center agents, who chiefly contribute to the diversity of TYF, Inc.’s workforce.

A call center that Philippines welcomed to the outsourcing industry four years back, Taking You Forward, Inc. has since been paving the career paths for fresh graduates, professionals, and even undergraduates. Whether it’s a career path that was determined early on or discovered just yet, TYF, Inc. provides the opportunities for you to obtain and maintain the profession you have longed for.

TYF, Inc.’s Ink

Currently, content writer and copywriter positions of the company are held by graduates of AB Literature, Mass Communication, and Liberal Arts and Commerce (LIACOM), and somewhat unexpectedly, we also have graduates of Information Technology and BS Management.

For those of you who have the passion to write or if you enjoy writing, then working in TYF, Inc. can put those writing skills into professional use. You will be tasked to write about various topics and relate them to the products, campaigns, services, and departments that the company handles.

Taking Technology Forward

TYF, Inc.’s software engineers, junior PHP developers, SEO (search engine optimization) specialists, and webmasters are no doubt degree holders of information technology. This course truly holds a lot of promising positions for anyone who graduates from it.

If you are one who’s open to innovation, has a good grasp of programming languages, or simply savvy about computers and the Internet, then being part of the Technology Management Group (TMG)—TYF, Inc.’s IT and IS department—will hold a promising profession for you too.

TYF, Inc. Marketers

The marketing teams of TYF, Inc. are comprised of professionals who majored in marketing management, entrepreneurship, and advertising arts. Most of them are graduates of Business Administration, but surprisingly, one holds a degree in architecture.

Apparently, what they have in common is the ability to constantly have fresh ideas and the propensity to carry out those ideas with creativity and efficiency. If you are one who can effortlessly conceptualize marketing plans and gigs, no matter the product or service, then join our marketing team already.

TYF, Inc.’s Professional Touch

Taking You Forward, Inc. promotes professionalism and provides a fun-filled work experience. It is a workplace where you can actualize or discover your career path. It is a company that pays attention to your talent, skills, interests, and abilities. It is a workplace where opportunity, enthusiasm, diversity, and a sense of purpose come together to provide a rewarding professional experience for you.

TYF, Inc. is a call center Philippines can simply expect to contribute more to the country’s economy by increasing the quantity and quality of the nation’s workforce.

You can see for yourself how Taking You Forward, Inc. can make a blazing trail of your career path. It is a company worthy to be part of. After all, you hope to live a professional life with fun and with the apt challenges, don’t you?




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