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Career Congress & Job Seek @ SM

Call Centers in Cebu | Career Congress and Job Seek

Two successful events provided opportunity for Taking You Forward, Inc. to tap more talents in the city of Cebu.

Inbound Call Center Philippines | JobSeekFirst was the JobSeek @ SM City Cebu. It was held at the SM City Trade Hall last August 10–11, 2012. This was organized by SM City Cebu, with the support of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) and the Department of Manpower Development and Placement (DMDP). It was sponsored by Inquirer Publications and Mynimo.

15 exhibitors joined the job fair, including us. It was a two-day affair, which started at 10:00 a.m. and ended at 5:00 p.m.

Thousands of job seekers went and submitted their applications to the different companies. Our team who were sent to the job fair did their best in entertaining the questions and applications of the job seekers, who were mostly searching for call center jobs. They also invited passersby to visit our booth.

It was noticeable that we had the most number of applicants, most of which were interested to be a technical support representative. We also had a fair share of people dropping by to check out our booth. This goes to prove that we have succeeded in getting the attention of job seekers, as shown by the number of applicants who flocked around our booth.

Cebu Call Center | Career CongressThe other event was the JobStreet Career Congress 2012. It was held at the Salon de Madrid of Casino Español, last August 3, 2012. This was organized and sponsored by JobStreet, a top job portal.

This event aimed to forge linkages between companies and academic institutions in providing career opportunities to future professionals, at the same time providing BPO companies an exceptional pool of talent from colleges and universities.

The event also provided the companies with the chance to bring and introduce their brand to the forefront influencers of the youth, the educational institutions.

All in all, our team received a number of applicants from a diverse audience. They actually had two applicants who have experience in working in a call center, and the rest were either fresh graduates or career shifters (from different industries). The number of applicants from these two sectors proves that the BPO Industry is gaining much interest from the youth and the professionals of other industries.

The applicants and interested people have indeed heartened our company. This goes to show that Taking You Forward, Inc. has expanded even in the area of taking an active interest from random people in the society.

We have served our endeavour well, and we received a very encouraging feedback. Everyone deserved a good pat in the back.

To know more about our career opportunities and how we can help you with your career goals, please visit our career portal,

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