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BPO Company Philippines: Why Choose TYF, Inc.

BPO Company Philippines | Inbound Call Center - TYF, Inc.

The BPO industry of the Philippines is, no doubt, flourishing; the country’s BPO companies are now growing like bean sprouts. With each seed of BPO company that Philippines plants, it readily grows its tiny stems after some time, sprouting out of the soil and holding the promise of benefits to harvest.

Also, like bean sprouts, BPO companies are basically found anywhere around the country, especially in metropolitan areas and cities. So how do you go about choosing a BPO company Philippines has in store for you?

What are the main factors to consider in choosing the most apt business process outsourcing (BPO) company for you?
  • Management
  • Environment
  • Opportunities for career advancement (i.e., getting promoted)
  • Location, accessibility, or building structure
  • Length of company’s presence in the industry

Did you find yourself ticking all of the above? If so, then being part of Taking You Forward, Inc. is most ideal for you. The company has been around for four years in the outsourcing industry, making the most of that period by acquiring proficient and approachable professionals to become the supervisors and managers of its various departments.

A single visit to TYF, Inc. (Taking You Forward, Inc.) can already give you a great idea of the working environment of the company. From the physical structure of its building to the kind of people walking around the premises, you get that good vibe of a work-conducive atmosphere. TYF, Inc.’s working environment gives a stress-free meaning to BPO Philippines.

A Zen-themed building located in an area that is far off the main bustles of the city, scenes of greenery right outside your office window, and friendly young professionals to meet you—these are 3 reasons applicants cross their fingers in the hopes of getting hired and employees are thankful they got in.

Once part of Taking You Forward, Inc., you’d realize that the opportunities to enhance your skills and abilities are not only endless, but chances to advance in your career are high as well. A clear career path has been set for all of TYF, Inc.’s job posts, especially for a sales agent, technical support representative, and the like.

TYF, Inc. has established its Manpower Acquisition and Development Group (MADG), which consists of three support groups. The function of the MADG is to streamline the whole process of your employment, seeing to it that from the moment you are recruited to the time you become a full-fledged TYF, Inc. pro, you have the competence and professionalism necessary to make a milestone of your employment in the company.

TYF, Inc. puts all the checkmarks in your list of main considerations in choosing a BPO company. It being a seed of a BPO company Philippines has grown for four solid years, you are bound to reap benefits for your professional growth in being part of Taking You Forward, Inc.

Jump-start your career now, apply namo!




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