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cebu call center jobs | SM Consolacion Job Fair

TYF, Inc. Joins the SM Supermalls Nationwide Job Fair

Taking You Forward, Inc. celebrates Labor Day 2013 by providing employment opportunities for everyone. On May 1, 2013, TYF, Inc. was at SM Consolacion, participating in the SM Supermalls Nationwide Job Fair. Lynnette and Leny—our Recruitment Supervisor … Read More
cebu call center jobs | job fair of CTU

TYF, Inc. Brings Fun-Filled Careers to CTU

The fresh graduates of Cebu Technological University need not look further to find fun-filled Cebu call center jobs since Taking You Forward, Inc. was right on their university grounds for an in-campus job fair on April 5, 2013. This was the 7th in-campus job fair of CTU. … Read More
Call Center Company | TYF, Inc.

TYF, Inc. Joins USC-TC Days 2012

One of the prominent annual university events in Cebu is the USC-TC Days. It is a week-long series of collegiate activities to be held in the University of San Carlos – Technological Center. A brief furlough from strictly-academic day-to-day dealings, the USC-TC Days … Read More
Call Center in the Philippines

Working in a Call Center or Outsourcing Company in the Philippines

Eight out of ten people can give a definite answer to what it’s like to work for a call center or a BPO company in the Philippines. The answers usually stem from having had an actual experience—say, being a current employee or having joined the training period for … Read More
customer service representative

Finding the Talents for Our Business Process Outsourcing Services

Finding the most suitable people to fill our job postings is no walk in the park. Despite having the majority of jobseekers looking into BPO companies, we still have posts that remain vacant for quite some time. This can also be a result of how our recruitment … Read More
cebu jobs

BPO Company Philippines: Why Choose TYF, Inc.

The BPO industry of the Philippines is, no doubt, flourishing; the country’s BPO companies are now more like growing like bean sprouts. With each seed of BPO company Philippines plants, it readily grows its tiny stems after some time, sprouting out of the soil and … Read More
Inbound Call Center Philippines

Are You Cut Out for Technical Support Services?

How would you spell out the initialisms CMS or CSS? If it’s Chicago Manual of Style, then you’d have to be a writer or an editor or the like. If CSS would mean “cute, sweet, and sexy” for you, then I guess handling technical support services is not exactly in your line … Read More
Outbound Call Center Philippines

TYF, Inc. Coach Program: Picking Online Customer Service Experts in the Philippines

What are you willing to do to become an expert of your field? Getting to a longed-for position entails going through challenges, right? Indeed, things that aren’t served on a … Read More
call center philippines | technical support

Career Paths at a Call Center in the Philippines

No matter how much you’ve gotten used to the fact that several of your colleagues or friends have careers far from their university or college studies, it can still come as a shock upon learning that your training manager is a graduate of chemical engineering or that … Read More
Dayshift Call Center | sales representative

Top 5 Careers in Business Process Outsourcing Companies in the Philippines

With business process outsourcing Philippines is also facing the challenge of meeting the diverse nature, unique demands, and varying functions of foreign companies … Read More
Call Center Jobs | customer service representative

Career Congress & Job Seek @ SM

Two successful events provided opportunity for Taking You Forward, Inc. to tap more talents in the city of Cebu. First was the JobSeek @ SM City Cebu. It was held at the SM City Trade Hall last August 10–11, 2012. This was organized by SM City Cebu, with the support … Read More
cebu jobs

TYF, Inc. Joins JobStreet Jobgantic Job Fair

Acquiring brilliant and competitive people to provide world-class BPO service is one of our main concerns here in Taking You Forward, Inc. With the new set of campaigns starting here at TYF, Inc., we addressed the need of more manpower by reaching out to … Read More


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