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Who Let the Spook Out?! The Halloween Bay Decorating Contest 2014

Who Let the Spook Out | FUN@TYFINC 2014

Halloween 2014 is finally here! And what’s the best way to celebrate it if you are working in a Cebu call center? Decorating your stations or bays as we call it here at Taking You Forward, of course! For this year, we had another fun bout of decorating frenzy, which became more intense as prizes were also at stake (Php 3000 for the first prize, Php 1,500 for the second prize, and Php 1000 for the third).

The event which officially kicked off last October 22, 2014 and culminated on Halloween day itself, was met by many spook enthusiasts who poured a lot of hours beautifying—or rather “spookyfying”—their area with blood, spider webs, nightmare-inducing characters, and even body parts (not the real ones, mind you).

And after careful deliberation by our four judges, the three lucky winners were chosen and were announced during the November General Assembly. They are:

  • The Techie Grim Reaper

    The Techie Grim Reaper | MIS-IT 2014
    The MIS-IT Team took advantage of their area by creating a life-size Grim Reaper (the popular personification of Death) who seems to be floating on air and for days was eerily looking down at everyone in the TV area, the lobby, and especially those passing by to get to the pantry.

    Surrounding Mr. Reaper is his cloud of bats and his generous supply of spider webs. You gotta love the team’s creativity as they kept the room dark, dished out haunting music, and dressed themselves in black for the occasion. And for that, you guys definitely deserve the top spot! We are excited with what you’ll come up with next year.

  • The Cinema of Doom

    The Cinema of Doom | TYF QA 2014
    Second place went to the girls and of boys of QA with their interpretation of what appears to be a movie theater in which we doubt the viewers would go out alive or sane from. These guys put their creative juices to good use, as they combined bright colors with horrific elements and came up with something that is both endearing and utterly terrifying.

    Their set-up is complete with a creepy skeletal brunette manning the ticket booth with her one eye and bright red nails. It seems supernaturals also love their mani pedi. The next section is the theater, where the evil clown is waiting to get his claws on unsuspecting movie goers and drag them inside the screen

  • The Agent Cemetery

    TThe Agent Cemetery | TYF Ops 2014
    The last team to make the cut is one of the teams from operations. On their part, they let the spook out by building a cemetery inside the premises. Sounds so cool, right? Their improvised graveyard is riddled with numerous bloody tombstones, each one with someone’s name on it. If you look up, you will find yourself surrounded by a lot of bats and spiders.

    If you’re working the nightshift, this sight would definitely keep you from sleeping!

Things really got spooky around here at TYF even for everyone working in a dayshift account and it’s all thanks to those who participated in this contest and the Got Spooked event. Hopefully, next year we would have another wave of scary fun. Once again, thank you everyone for the letting the spook out!

Please enjoy this funny video of our TYF Management dancing in wacky costumes to the beat of catchy tunes:

Who Let the Spook Out | FUN@Tyfinc 2014




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