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TYF Fun Day 2013

Fun Day 2013 | Costabella Tropical Beach Hotel

A bus with a lounge. A series of games. Absolutely delish food. Amazing awards and prizes. The Costabella Beach Resort. All that and nonstop surprises were enjoyed at the TYF Fun Day 2013!

On July 13, 2013, our call center company spent the whole day playing games, enjoying the beach, and chilling with the entire TYF family.

We headed to the resort in a bus lounge. When we got there, we were greeted by models (from the Limelight Male Model Management) who facilitated the registration and handed out giveaways. TL Ken then warmed us up with a brief aerodance session.

Then the games began!

We were divided into 4 teams: Blue, Green, Yellow, and Orange. The teams were a mix of employees from different campaigns and departments. What made the groupings more exciting were the team captains: Patrick (senior ops manager) for the Green Team, Alexis (DOO) for the Blue Team, Clarissa (HR director) for the Yellow Team, and Brad (CEO) for the Orange Team.

9 games in a row, 4 teams of TYF pips who are game for anything, and 4 competitive team captains. It was a formula for nonstop fun and excitement.

The games of Fill the Bottle and Sand Castle Building were won by the Yellow Team, who had the key strengths of precision and creativity.

A personal favorite of our CEO, the Tube Race was a game of speed, strength, tackling, dodging, and therefore had to be restricted to the boys. Fast and intense with energy, the Blue Team won this military training–inspired game and the Sack Race.

With strong abilities to strategize and vocalize, the Orange Team won the Tug of War and the Cheerleading Contest.

They finished a glass of beer in one sip, ate marshmallows in two bites, and finished the obstacle race in record time. These feats made the Green Team the Fun Day champions.

The games were a spectacle of high-fives, slaps on the back, and leaps of victory. Amidst the competition and screaming and cheering, a competition of a less-aggressive kind was going on. Noel, our Finance Manager, had a game of chess on the side, playing against a series of opponents.

Our host, Yari Gallardo, worked the event to a crescendo, topping everything off with the giving of prizes for the games’ winners and awards for our notable employees.

The TYF Fun Day is our annual company outing that we hope would take place more than once in a year. Our Employee Engagement Manager, Mayse Ferolin, prepared and facilitated the entire event. It’s an event that shows the involvement and enthusiasm of the employees in our jobs and in our company.

Through the Fun Day, TYF makes itself a prominent Cebu call center, which values its employees and finds more avenues of bringing fun to the company, may it be right inside our office walls or anywhere in Cebu, Philippines.

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