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Summer Fun at TYF, Inc.

Summer Bay Decorating Contest 2013 | Call Center Philippines

We’re soaking up the sun, hitting the waves, and lounging beneath the palm trees—albeit during regular working hours and right inside our office. Yes, that’s how our call center company is turning regular workweeks into fun-filled summer days.

Like every other call center in the Philippines, Taking You Forward, Inc. is in the middle of the summer season. Unlike the other call centers in Cebu, however, we’re merely warming up for a massive summer splash we may be having soon.

Call Center in the Philippines | BDG TYF Inc. Inbound Call Center Philippines | TQR TYF Inc.
The Business Development Group (BDG) relives childhood summer vacations, which are usually spent flying kites and running around with paper windmills. Surf’s up! The TQR (Training, QA, and Recruitment) Department is more than ready to hit the waves with their surfboards in tow.
BPO Philippines | TFC TYF, Inc. Dayshift Call Center | GSD TYF Inc.
Beach volley, anyone?

Vibrant colors, gigantic shades, and huge flip-flops! This campaign is bound to have a larger-than-life summer fun.
Call Center Company Philippines | CUPID TYF Inc. Call Centers in Cebu | Taking You Forward, Inc.
This campaign made it possible for us to enjoy a round-the-clock luau party!
Imagine dolphin watching while taking or making calls. Now that’s a dose of summer fun at TYF, Inc.
This is actually one of the many fun activities facilitated by our Employee Engagement Manager, Ms. Mayse Ferolin. A Summer Theme Bay Decorating Contest with cash prizes, everyone gave their best shot to win!

Find out who the winners are.




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