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Our Call Center Company Takes Glam Rock to the Top

TYF, Inc. Christmas Party 2012: Call Center Company Takes Glam Rock to the Top

TYF, Inc.’s Christmas Party brought its own spin to Glam Rock. On December 22, 2012, everyone strut their glam rock stuff at The Orchard Cebu Hotel.

For a call center company that has themed events on any given day, Taking You Forward, Inc. took to heart the theme of Glam Rock for our Christmas party. Everyone looked the part of rocker chicks and rock stars—in leather jackets, LBDs, and accessorizing with spikes, studs, and chains.

Food served was absolutely delish, prizes given were simply amazing, and the entire event was just exciting all throughout.
Call Centers in Cebu | TYF, Inc. Christmas Party 2012
The party could not have been complete without Mr. Brad Norman (CEO), Mr. Alexis Dabon (new DOO – Director of Operations), and Mr. Ferdie Piano (COO).
Call Center Company | Technical Support Representatives
It’s that trait of indifference that makes each of these technical support representatives a rocker in their own right.
Call Center | BPO Philippines
These ladies and gents sure know what glam rock’s about. As much as they know how to rock their scorecards in giving TYF, Inc. a certain quality of BPO Philippines can proudly offer to the rest of the world.
Outbound Call Center Philippines
No Christmas party is complete without a raffle, and exciting prizes with that.
Inbound Call Center Philippines | TYF, Inc. Christmas Party
’Tis the time to acknowledge the star performers of TYF, Inc.
Call Center Jobs | Glam Rock prince and princess
Our Glam Rock prince and princess.
Everyone at Taking You Forward, Inc. has fun even on ordinary office days; so when we gathered for our Christmas Party at The Orchard, we couldn’t help but take fun to the top through glitter rock.

Check out the rest of our Christmas Party photos.




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