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November GA ‘14: Our Future is Far Brighter than Our Past

TYF November GA 2014

With Christmas coming and the last quarter about to close, we can’t help but feel emotional most especially overwhelmed, as we look back at the months that have passed. This feeling is palpable during the latest General Assembly, wherein the theme was about giving thanks to the Lord for the experiences that have humbled us, made us stronger, and made us forever thankful for the blessings that the present and the future has in store for everyone in Taking You Forward.

Probably the most moving of all the GAs, everything started on a very high note as our hosts, Michael and Oliver, welcomed everyone to the gathering. With a very rousing introduction, they then handed the floor to our CEO and Founder, Brad Norman, who had good news to share to everyone.

Employee Retention Program | FUN@TYF 2014

First on his list is the announcement of various employee movements and promotions. He described last month as, “all good, all exciting, and we’re moving the right direction.” Recognition was also given to the month’s top performing agents.

Brad also gave an update on the Employee Retention Program, which was launched months ago. According to him, 28 employees have already benefited from this program and have experienced a 3% to 8% increase of their basic pay based on their performance. And using his words, he encouraged everyone to “put in the most effort in the last quarter” and “not to slack off.”

TYF November GA 2014 | CEO Brad

With TYF experiencing a lot of highs this year and with our future, as our CEO would put it, “far brighter than our past,” the mood changed from ecstatic to solemn. Brad, who was already close to tears, humbly thanked the Lord Jesus for the glorious ruins that is Taking You Forward. For him:

“You can ruin something, but you can restore it and make it come alive…”

And came out alive it did. As of writing, this call center in Cebu is on a steady rise, with new clients coming in every month, creating more jobs in Cebu and growth opportunities internally.

To lighten up the mood, Steph and Lynnette, TYF’s Branding Manager and Recruitment Supervisor respectively, stepped in with their own set of announcements.

First, Lynnette or Lynns informed the crowd of the different available positions, the top three of which are Inbound Sales Executives, Travel Sales Executives, and Technical Support Representatives. So if you guys have a friend or a family member looking for a job, invite them over or refer them to us!

Speaking of referrals, Steph stepped in to explain the Employee Referral Program that has been launched a few weeks ago. For every successful referral, you earn for yourself a whopping 4,000 Pesos (1,500 on referral’s first month, 1000 on 3rd month, and 1,500 upon regularization. Interested? Click on the button below:

Remember, guys. The more you refer, the richer you will be. Just keep in mind what our CEO said, “10 friends equals to 40,000 Pesos.” Aside from the ERP, everyone was also reminded that the TYF shuttle service is now for free so you guys can have a safe and very economical ride.

With everyone elated and feeling more hopeful, the assembly was concluded in the trendiest fashion by way of a groufie. And as we huddled together and flashed our best smile and pose, each one of us now has a strengthened belief that things are indeed getting better for this close-knit BPO company.




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