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Luau Fun and a Mother’s Day Special

Call Center Jobs in Cebu | TYF, Inc. Summer Photo Contest 2013

It is said that “no gift can equal the gift of our mothers — life.” Hence, TYF, Inc. prepared a humble gift for the moms in the company by celebrating their special day — Mother’s Day.

A BPO company in the Philippines that gives every celebration a twist, TYF, Inc. made the celebration more interesting by giving the atmosphere a touch of summer. Mother’s Day was celebrated in a luau/Hawaiian setting. Everyone was encouraged to wear luau costumes to make the Mother’s Day celebration even more fun.

Among the employees who wore luau outfits, six won cash prizes and a special cake for having the best outfits.
Steifee (EMG) and Sherwyn (TMG) | TYF, Inc. Michelle and Jem | TYF, Inc.
Steifee (EMG) and Sherwyn (TMG) were chosen as grand winners and they received P500 each plus a special cake. Michelle and Jem were two of the top 4 winners, who received Php 250 each plus a special cake.
Jenevieve | TYF, Inc. Jusy | TYF, Inc.
Jenevieve, one of the top 4 winners.
Jusy, one of the top 4 winners, with her cake and Php 250.
Colorful heart-shaped cookies were given to the mommies, mamas, or nanays in TYF, Inc. Special giveaways were also given to the mothers who sent pictures of themselves with their kid/s.
Colorful heart-shaped cookies | TYF, Inc. Special giveaways | TYF, Inc.
To make the event more memorable, the company’s photo booth was set up to capture all the remarkable moments the employees, especially the moms, were having.
TYF Employees | Fun Call Center Jobs TYF Employees | Fun Call Center Jobs
It was indeed a Mother’s Day Special, with a twist of Luau Fun, for everyone to enjoy. It was a day of showing and celebrating how dear our moms truly are.

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