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Call Center Philippines | BPO Services - TYF, Inc. On Valentine’s Day, greetings, hugs, kisses, cupcakes, and the air of love were shared by everyone at Taking You Forward, Inc.

The fun-loving people that we are, hearty games and kissing contests were, of course, abuzz. Everyone gave their shot at playing Dart My Heart, Count My Heart, and Get into My Heart; then wrapped it all up by joining the Seal It with a Kiss Photo Contest.

TYF, Inc.’s Employee Engagement Group (EEG) had seen to it that we’d all enjoy Valentine’s Day by readying games, goodies, and freebies. In loving our jobs, the company shows its love in return by having the EEG facilitate activities for the entire workforce to enjoy.

Inbound and Outbound | Call Center Philippines - TYF, Inc.

Hitting the bull’s-eye was the aim of the Dart My Heart game. To an extent, it’s the same aim in hitting our quotas, carrying out quality outsourcing services, and contributing to the prestige of the brand “BPO Philippines.”

Call Center Jobs | BPO Philippines - TYF, Inc.
Fun-loving people is what’s at the heart of TYF, Inc., a call center Philippines has been housing for almost 5 years.

Call Center Philippines | Call Center Company - TYF, Inc.

A kiss is like happiness, it’s best enjoyed when shared.

Call Center Jobs | BPO Philippines - TYF, Inc.
One of the lovely winners of our Valentine’s Day games.

Call Center Philippines | Outbound Call Center | BPO Services
Comfit and Converse gift certificates for the winners of our Seal It with a Kiss Photo Contest.

On February 14, 2013, everyone was giving out love notes and was dressed in red, pink, or white. This made TYF, Inc. a lovely view of a dayshift call center that was truly having a Happy Hearts Day!




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