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Goodbye, 2014. Hello to the first General Assembly of 2015. And what better way to start the year than announcing that it would be GREAT one.

This is what Taking You Forward’s CEO, Brad Norman, announced as he once again took to the floor to impart his thoughts to everyone. Starting with a few words regarding the coming Sinulog, he got the crowd excited for the big celebration by revealing that there’s going to be a float this year and volunteers will be needed.

Note: For those who want to volunteer, group yourselves into five and send your names to A raffle will decide which five groups will be part of the TYF contingent.

GA Jan 2015Brad, ever the person who loves to motivate everyone with his speech, talked about the importance of sacrifice and reward. According to him, “This year is about sacrifice. And what we need to do as a group, as a company is to sacrifice ourselves, basically, for our company; second, for our clients; third, for each other; and most importantly, for ourselves.”

Having sacrificed a lot in his life – personally and business-wise – for TYF, he explained that he does not mind doing so because the reward to his sacrifice is “seeing the company turn into a greater company than it is now.”

Another highlight of the monthly assembly is the presentation of the new company logo. It’s something the management, specifically the brand team, has been working on since last year. And after many tweaks and changes, it was finally ready to be revealed to the TYF public, which they received quite well. Its grand debut, however, would be during the Sinulog parade where it will be on display for the rest of Cebu to see.

Our get together would not be complete without recognizing the previous month’s high flyers. Here are the 30 individuals, both nightshift and dayshift account, from operations who garnered the highest BSC among their peers:

- Venus Ong- Rovic Omolon- Claudae Mendoza- Melissa Londres
- Mar Flordelie Arado- Dhane Ambat- Rain Rose Torres- Cindy Asido
- Cecyl Seludo - Glennford Bohol- Magnolia Colleen Cabilao- Jet John Abellar
- Rabby Rosa- Marjorie Sorino- Fausto Aligo- Michael Babyboy Borinaga
- Mary Antonette Tan- Roy Lopez Aguilar- Joellen Alfornon- Paul Javines
- Harley Hisola- Gayle Rama- Janice Alcos- Gerard Rara
- Brian Cañete- Mary Caño- Diefo Joules Navaja- Loida Amor
- Evelyn Fatima Plaza- Mark Bryan Planas

GA Jan 2015 | FUN @ TYFINCCongratulations, guys! You’re the perfect example that sacrifices can indeed lead to reward and greatness. Keep it up!

As the company is growing by leaps and bounds, it is not surprising that we also have an increasing number of jobs in Cebu. That’s why Lynette from Recruitment once again encouraged the crowd to refer as many people as they can and to apply for the various internal positions that are open. Want a good reason why you should refer? How does 4K sound? If you are interested in earning extra cash, click the button below:

Taking You Forward’s first GA ended in a very positive note, with everyone feeling more motivated and more hopeful for the next 300+ days. Hopefully, each one of us would be able to reach all of our goals this year. And in everything that you do, always keep in mind these words from our Cebu call center CEO: Without sacrifice, you don’t get any reward.




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