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Celebrating the Women of TYF, Inc.

BPO Services in the Philippines | TYF, Inc. Women's Day

TYF, Inc. always makes sure to bring out the fun side of bearing the mark of “call center Philippines,” even in showing our support for worldwide celebrations such as the International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month.

In celebrating the empowerment and achievements of women around the world, TYF, Inc. welcomed a visit from a few females who are globally renowned for their striking characters. Their visit caused some excitement since they happen to be personal favorites of the ladies in our workforce as well.

Alongside celebrating International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, TYF, Inc. salutes the graduates of 2013. By “reliving” the good old school days, the guys displayed their cheers and praises for the achievements of this year’s graduates.
Call Center Company - TYF, Inc | Aluna (from Heroes of Newerth). Christmas Party 2012
The video game character Aluna (from Heroes of Newerth) came to life in the form of Carmela, a Team Leader of our inbound call center agents. This caused quite a stir among TYF, Inc.’s gamers and video game enthusiasts.
Call Center Jobs - TYF, Inc. | Avril Lavigne
It was reported that Avril Lavigne made it a point to meet with one of her fans here in TYF, Inc. That fan happens to be Cecile, one of our dayshift call center agents.
Inbound Call Center Services - TYF, Inc. | Bowling Game
Games, contests, and prizes were naturally part of the day’s activities. With that, this girl was bound to score a strike in the Bowling Game.
Call Center Philippines - TYF, Inc. | Buttercup and Bubbles
Here they come just in time . . . two of the Powerpuff Girls! It’s Bubbles (Jem) helping out Buttercup (Dixie) in the Guess the Soap game.
Call Centers in Cebu | TYF, Inc.
Kudos to the graduates of 2013, from our CSRs Raymond and Brylle (and Josh, our training manager, in the background).
BPO Philippines - TYF, Inc. | Niño
Niño gives that “smile of accomplishment” for the graduates of Nursing, Pharmacy, Rad Tech, Physical Therapy, and other medical courses.

At Taking You Forward, Inc., having fun naturally comes with working here. More importantly, the reason behind our fun activities is to show support for greater causes or to join worldwide celebrations.




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