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Graduation Day Friday 2015 @ TYFINC

Graduation Day Friday

With March being the “graduation month,” it’s not surprising that the first Crazy Friday is all about graduations. For this day, every person in TYF was asked to come to work dressed in their school uniform or anything that looks like it. It’s a very exciting theme for …. Read More
February GA 2015: Believe that TYF will be GREAT!

February GA 2015: Believe that TYF will be GREAT!

Time flies by so fast, and before anyone knew it, February has already ended! The love month, of course, did not end without a General Assembly, which is Taking You Forward’s monthly mini get-together. And do you know what made this day extra special? It was …. Read More


Goodbye, 2014. Hello to the first General Assembly of 2015. And what better way to start the year than announcing that it would be GREAT one. This is what Taking You Forward’s CEO, Brad Norman, announced as he once again took to the floor to impart his thoughts to … Read More
SINULOG 2015: The Great Logo Debut

SINULOG 2015: The Great Logo Debut

Even though the days prior to the Sinulog Celebration were marked by rain and heavy winds, not a single drop fell from the sky that day as almost every soul in Cebu flocked the streets to celebrate and party the day away. And Taking You Forward was in the … Read More
November GA ‘14: Our Future is Far Brighter than Our Past

With Christmas coming and the last quarter about to close, we can’t help but feel emotional most especially overwhelmed, as we look back at the months that have passed. This feeling is palpable during the latest General Assembly, wherein the theme was about giving … Read More
Who Let the Spook Out?! The Halloween Bay Decorating Contest 2014
Who Let the Spook Out?! The Halloween Bay Decorating Contest 2014

Halloween 2014 is finally here! And what’s the best way to celebrate it if you are working in a Cebu call center? Decorating your stations or bays as we call it here at Taking You Forward, of course! For this year, we had another fun bout of decorating frenzy, which became … Read More
Got Spooked at Taking You Forward | FUN @ TYFINC

Got Spooked at Taking You Forward

The Ring, Shutter, Evil Dead. Who does not love horror movies? Whether it’s gory, mind-boggling, or sleep-depriving, a good number of us love to watch a scary flick every now and then. It’s for this very reason that Got Spooked was launched. It’s a nod to the scariest … Read More
CEO Welcome Back Party
CEO Welcome Back Party

In the presence of burgers and beer, there’s no way last Saturday’s soiree can go wrong. In fact, even the weather was in favor of celebrating the Founder’s return to his rightful place as not a drop fell from the sky. With our very own CEO, Brad Paul Norman, working … Read More
Say It With Chocolate

Say It With Chocolate

Perhaps one of the sweetest ways to raise money for a cause, Taking You Forward’s Say It With Chocolate event was overwhelmingly successful as a lot of people hung both messages and purchased sweet confections from the ceiling with the hope that the … Read More
Looking Back at August | FUN@TYFINC

Looking Back at August

Taking You Forward, Inc.’s August is a month that can be remembered by a flurry of pictures, a wisp of smoke, and an exciting get together. For the first few weeks, it was all about taking groupies and selfies as we launched the contests: #TYFGroupies and Selfie with the … Read More

August GA’s Positive Buzz

Positive buzz. This is the phrase that best describes the overall feel of Taking You Forward’s August, most especially the General Assembly held last week. The most fitting way to end the month, this GA is noticeably full of exciting news that can only be summed up by three … Read More
Say Groupieeeee!!!

Say Groupieeeee!!!

July was the month for all selfie enthusiasts as Taking You Forward, Inc. launched the contest #TYFGroupies. Groupie, a term defined by Urban Dictionary as picture taken of yourself plus another person or group of people and made famous by Ellen … Read More
May 15, 2014 General Assembly

May 15, 2014 General Assembly

Everyone in Taking You Forward once again took some time off from their work as they gathered in the TYF lounge for the General Assembly. This May 2014 get together is made up of announcements concerning new people to welcome to our fold, changes in the … Read More
TYF’s Summer Bay Decoration Contest 2014 | Call Center Company in Cebu

TYF’s Summer Bay Decoration Contest 2014

Summer is definitely here as various areas in the TYF building are decorated with all things summery—from surfboards to colorful sea creatures, from tiki men to giant coconuts. All this is thanks to the Summer Bay Decoration Content, Taking You Forward’s way of … Read More
Call Center Philippines | Fun Day 2013

TYF Fun Day 2013

A bus with a lounge. A series of games. Absolutely delish food. Amazing awards and prizes. The Costabella Beach Resort. All that and nonstop surprises were enjoyed at the TYF Fun Day 2013!. On July 13, 2013, our call center company spent the whole day playing … Read More
TYF, Inc. E-Board Games

All Eyes on the TYF e-Board

What’s happening at Taking You Forward? Everyone in the company can know all about it from the TYF electronic board (e-Board). Recent events, current happenings, or what’s still to come to our call center company are right on the e-Board. TYF employees stay in the … Read More
Luau Fun and a Mother’s Day Special

Luau Fun and a Mother’s Day Special

It is said that “no gift can equal the gift of our mothers — life.” Hence, TYF, Inc. prepared a humble gift for the moms in the company by celebrating their special day — Mother’s Day. A BPO company in the Philippines that gives every celebration a twist, TYF, Inc. Read More
Call Center Jobs in Cebu | TYF, Inc. Summer Photo Contest 2013

TYF, Inc. Summer Photo Contest 2013

Taking You Forward, Inc. is making summer more exciting through the TYF, Inc. Summer Photo Contest 2013. The contest required not only splendid snapshots of summer scenes; more importantly, the TYF, Inc. logo had to be in the picture. Sure enough, the … Read More
Summer Bay Decorating Contest 2013 | BPO Companies Philippines

Summer Fun at TYF, Inc.

We’re soaking up the sun, hitting the waves, and lounging beneath the palm trees—albeit during regular working hours and right inside our office. Yes, that’s how our call center company is turning regular workweeks into fun-filled summer days. Like every other … Read More
Call Center Philippines | TYF Basketball Team

TYF, Inc. Shoots Some Hoops

Now that summer is here, TYF, Inc. is bound to have twice the dose of everyday fun. Added to the roster of our summer activities is the company’s participation in the Banilad Basketball League. Officially called the TYF Basketball Team, the athletes of our … Read More
Call Center Philippines - TYF, Inc. | Powerpuff Girls

Celebrating the Women of TYF, Inc.

TYF, Inc. always makes sure to bring out the fun side of bearing the mark of “call center Philippines,” even in showing our support for worldwide celebrations such as the International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month. In celebrating the … Read More
Call Center Philippines | Dayshift Call Center | BPO Services


On Valentine’s Day, greetings, hugs, kisses, cupcakes, and the air of love were shared by everyone at Taking You Forward, Inc. The fun-loving people that we are, hearty games and kissing contests were, of course, abuzz. Everyone gave their shot at playing Dart My Heart … Read More
Call Center Jobs | Call Center Outsourcing | Call Center Philippines

TYF, Inc. Goes to China

What better way to celebrate the Chinese New Year than to go to China—or better yet, have China come to us! To get the actual feel of Kung Hei Fat Choi, TYF, Inc. was transformed into the festive grounds of China. We’re taking part of the Chinese New Year celebrations … Read More
BPO Company Philippines

Call Center Philippines: A Blast of Sinulog Fun as TYF, Inc. Nears 5 Years of Operations

Sinulog 2013 was one vivacious experience not only for the managers, executives, and the rest of the employees of our call center company, but also for the national celebrities … Read More


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Corporate Updates

The International Contact Center Conference and Expo 2013 (ICCCE 2013) was a ...
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Press Release

Our company was not only one of the sponsors for the ICCCE 2013; our CEO ...
TYF is not only one of the sponsors for the upcoming ICCCE 2013 ...
The International Contact Center Conference & Expo (ICCCE) is an annual event where ...