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Taking You Forward, Inc. is a call center company that has been operating for nearly half a decade. It is under Australian management and has upheld a strong global market presence, providing BPO (business process outsourcing) services to various clients in Canada, UK, North America, Australia, and New Zealand.

TYF, Inc. has a team of dynamic people with the responsibility to enhance the proficiency of the TYF, Inc. workforce. This group sees to it that you become not only a competent professional but also an employee fulfilling his/her career.

Taking You Forward, Inc. can easily spot your potential, has the resources to maximize your abilities, and has formed support groups that can make you the best in what you do. Whether it’s a voice or non-voice position that you fill, Taking You Forward, Inc. is sure to provide you professional growth.


TYF, Inc.’s founding principles are order, discipline, and control. Fundamental to a business survival in these rapidly changing times are its controls for dealing with present issues/problems affecting the business and forward planning for the continuity of its growth.

TYF, Inc. believes that the shortcoming of companies today is simply that most of the business time is spent working “IN” the business, rather than working “ON” the business; therefore, opportunities for growth and expansion are limited.

Our Mission is to facilitate and exceed our clients’ expectations and allow our clients to focus on critical aspects of their business, increasing their productivity, profitability, and competitiveness.


TYF, Inc. envisions becoming the premier provider of BPO services in the Philippines — delivering world-class outsourcing services and establishing a company that rewards excellence, discourages mediocrity, and is known for its high standards in quality and innovation in the global scene.


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