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Fun Call Center Jobs

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TYF Groupie

Say Groupieeeee!!!

July was the month for all selfie enthusiasts as Taking You Forward, Inc. launched the contest #TYFGroupies. Groupie, a term defined by Urban Dictionary as picture taken of yourself plus another person or group of people … Read More
May 15, 2014 General Assembly

May 15, 2014 General Assembly

Everyone in Taking You Forward once again took some time off from their work as they gathered in the TYF lounge for the General Assembly. This May 2014 get together is made up of announcements concerning new people to welcome … Read More
Summer Bay Decorating Contest | TYF, Inc. 2014

TYF’s Summer Bay Decoration Contest 2014

Summer is definitely here as various areas in the TYF building are decorated with all things summery—from surfboards to colorful sea creatures, from tiki men to giant coconuts. All this is thanks to the Summer Bay Decoration … Read More
cebu call center jobs | Consolacion Local Job Fair

TYF, Inc. goes to Consolacion Local Job Fair

Once again, Taking You Forward, Inc. partners with the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) and Public Employment Service Office (PESO) to look for new talents to join the TYFINC family. Last February 8, 2014, Saturday … Read More
cebu call center jobs | SM Consolacion Job Fair

TYF, Inc. Joins the SM Supermalls Nationwide Job Fair

Taking You Forward, Inc. celebrates Labor Day 2013 by providing employment opportunities for everyone. On May 1, 2013, TYF, Inc. was at SM Consolacion, participating in the SM Supermalls Nationwide Job Fair. Lynnette and Leny … Read More
Cebu call center jobs | TYF, Inc. Brings Fun-Filled Careers to CTU

TYF, Inc. Brings Fun-Filled Careers to CTU

The fresh graduates of Cebu Technological University need not look further to find fun-filled Cebu call center jobs since Taking You Forward, Inc. was right on their university grounds for an in-campus job fair on April 5, 2013 … Read More
call center philippines | Taking You Forward, Inc.

How Sales Training Primes Inbound Call Center Services in the Philippines

For more than a decade now, the Philippines has been considered to be a premier provider of call center services, mainly inbound or outbound … Read More
BPO Philippines | customer service representative

How the BPO Industry of the Philippines Molds Its Leaders

Several people say that great leaders are born; on the other hand, Taking You Forward, Inc. says they can be made, and has actually been making great leaders for the past years. TYF, Inc. has realized goals common of a … Read More
BPO Philippines | Call Centers in Cebu - Taking You Forward, Inc.

Training Programs Make BPO Services of the Philippines No. 1

When asked about how the Philippines came to be a top country housing BPO (business process outsourcing) service providers, many people would say straight-out that it’s the Filipinos’ fluency in speaking English. The … Read More
The Elite Dinner Incentive April | Call Center Jobs in Cebu

The Elite Dinner Incentive – April ’13

The sales agents and technical support representatives of a certain campaign in our BPO company made April an extra awesome month. They continue to enhance the image of Cebu as a call center hub with professionals that … Read More
TYF, Inc. Leadership Academy | Cebu Call Center Company

The TYF Leadership Academy

TYF is molding a new breed of leaders in Cebu. These leaders will be taking their careers, and our call center company, to the next level. It is through TYF’s newly formed department—Organizational Development—that these … Read More
The Elite Dinner Incentive | Cebu Call Center Company

The Elite Dinner Incentive – March ’13

The Elite Dinner Incentive continues to drive our agents to perform better each month. This certain campaign has a new bunch of winners for March 2013, save for one, who previously held the third spot and is now the first-place winner … Read More

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